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Industrial Wireless White Papers and Technical Notes

Banner Engineering Corp. is committed to providing detailed technical content and educational material about our industrial wireless I/O network devices.

  • White papers discuss general problems and suggest solutions
  • Technical notes detail some of the technical features of Banner's Sure Cross product line

White Papers

The following documents are the white papers about basic wireless applications and Banner®'s wireless products.

Antenna Performance. When you understand how antennas work, estimating the proper antenna for your wireless network is easier (p/n 135765).

Introduction to Radio Basics. Understanding the basics of radio communication is key to understanding how wireless industrial applications may work in your facility (p/n 135767).

Introduction to Network Basics. Understanding how wired networks communicate is an important step in understanding how wireless networks communicate (p/n 135766).

The Evolution of Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensor networks have changed a lot in the last few years, but nothing has changed them as much as the introduction of modern wireless technology (p/n 144348).

Magazine Articles

Remote Site Magazine, Dec 2008/Jan 2009: The Evolution of Wireless RTU Systems

Remote Site Magazine, Apr 2010: Efficient, User-Friendly Solar Systems Extend Wireless Sensor Network Capabilities

Water and Wastes Digest, Oct 2010: Tennessee Wastewater Plant Uses Banner Wireless Network Devices for Flood Clean-Up

Waterworld, Oct 2010: Wireless Network Devices Aid Restoration Project

Plant Engineering, May 2011: Wireless application: Toyota plant monitors detention ponds wirelessly

Control Engineering, Jun 2011: Wireless Applications: Less Cost, More Productivity, Compliance

Wind Systems, Sep 2011: Reliable Wireless RTU Systems

Technical Notes

Technical Notes contain more detail than white papers and include technical information specific to Banner's Sure Cross product line.

Wireless Security. The three most critical concerns regarding wireless I/O systems are data security, network security, and data integrity and control reliability. The Banner Sure Cross system was designed from the ground up with these issues at the forefront. The Sure Cross wireless I/O systems provide a level of security, data integrity, and reliability far exceeding most wireless systems on the market today.

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