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Wireless Q45 Sensors

Wireless Q45 Sensor Family

Solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems. Banner's Wireless Q45 Sensors are the first self-contained wireless standard sensor solution designed for your most challenging control and monitoring applications.

  • Easily add a single sensor in minutes without pulling cables
  • Quickly integrate a scalable, wireless sensor network infrastructure to improve efficiency by monitoring and coordinating multiple machines and processes
  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band radio meets world-wide standards

Download the Wireless Q45 Sensors brochure for more information about the available models and their accessories.

AutoCAD, IGES, PDF, and STEP files are available for download on the 3D Models page.


Model Frequency Sensor Type Datasheet
DX80N2Q45LP 2.4 GHz Retroreflective
Sensing Range: 0.15 m to 6 m (6 in to 20 ft)
DX80N2Q45CV 2.4 GHz Convergent
1½ inch focal point
DX80N2Q45RD 2.4 GHz Remote Device
Two dry contacts or one Turck Namur inductive proximity sensor
DX80N2Q45RD-QPF-0.5 2.4 GHz Remote Device
Two dry contacts or one Turck Namur inductive proximity sensor; integrated 18 inch cable
DX80N9Q45RD 900 MHz Remote Device
Two dry contacts or one Turck Namur inductive proximity sensor
DX80N9Q45RD-QPF-0.5 900 MHz Remote Device
Two dry contacts or one Turck Namur inductive proximity sensor; integrated 18 inch cable
DX80N2Q45F 2.4 GHz Fiber Optic
Sensing Range: 4 feet using IP23S fibers in opposed mode; or 4 inches using BT23S fibers in diffuse mode
DX80N2Q45D 2.4 GHz Diffuse
Sensing Range: 300 mm (12 in)

DX80N2Q45E (Emitter)

DX80N2Q45R (Receiver)

2.4 GHz Opposed Mode
Sensing Range: Up to 30 m (100 ft) depending on excess gain requirements
DX80N2Q45BL-RG 2.4 GHz Button with Red/Green Light 166831
DX80N2Q45BL-RG-L 2.4 GHz Button with Red/Green Light, powered by 10-30 V dc 150864
DX80N9Q45BL-RYGB 900 MHz Button with Red/Yellow/Green/Blue Light 192693
DX80N2Q45TH 2.4 GHz

Temperature and Relative Humidity when used with M12FTH4Q
Temperature when used with M12FT4Q

DX80N9Q45TH 900 MHz

Temperature and Relative Humidity when used with M12FTH4Q
Temperature when used with M12FT4Q

DX80N2Q45VT 2.4 GHz

Vibration and temperature
Must be paired with QM42VT1 Vibration and Temperature Sensor (sold separately)

DX80N9Q45VT 900 MHz 190931


Sure Cross Gateways for the Wireless Q45 Sensor Networks

The following Gateways are designed to work with the Wireless Q45 Sensors. DIP switches allow the user to select one of the defined I/O mapping configurations to automatically map the Wireless Q45 Sensors to the Gateway.

DX80...C Gateway DX80G2M6-B2Q Gateway for Wireless Q45 Sensor Networks
-Q and -QC Model, 2.4 GHz -B2Q and -B2T Board Modules, 2.4 GHz


Model Housing Number of Wireless Q45 Sensors Supported Datasheet Quick Start Guides
DX80G2M6-Q IP67 Supports up to six Wireless Q45 Sensors using discrete outputs; supports up to 47 Wireless Q45 Sensors using a Modbus interface 161862

159359 (American English)

DX80G2M6-QC IP20
DX80G2M6-B2Q Board Module

Supports up to two Wireless Q45 Sensors

Works with up to two Wireless Q45 Sensor Node with discrete I/O or up to two PB2 Node Board Modules (using the pre-mapped I/O DIP switch settings)

Works with up to 47 Wireless Q45 Sensor Nodes or PB2 Node Board Modules when using a Modbus host controller system

164298 164994 (American English)
DX80G2M6-B2T Board Module Works with one Wireless Q45 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Node 179524 179843

Accessories for Wireless Q45 Sensor Networks

The following are some of the accessories available for Wireless Q45 Sensor Networks.

Model Description
MQDMC-406 Cordset, 4-pin M12 Euro-style, male, 6 feet
FIC-M12M4 Connector, 4-pin M12 Euro-style, field wireable
SMB30SC Bracket, swivel, plastic
SMB30A Bracket, right angle, stainless steel
BWA-BATT-006 Batteries, 3.6 V, 2 AA lithium, 2 pack
BWA-2O5-C Antenna, Omni, 2.4 GHz, 5 dBi, RP-SMA male, 6½ inches
BWA-2O7-C Antenna, Omni, 2.4 GHz 7 dBi, RP-SMA male, 9¼ inches
BWC-1MRSFRSB1 Antenna Cable, RG58, RP-SMA to RP-SMAF, Bulkhead, 1M
BWC-LMRSFRPB Surge Suppressor, bulkhead, RP-SMA
PSDINM-24-10 Power Supply, 24 V, 1.0 Amp, DIN Rail
DIN-35-70 DIN Rail, 35mm design, 70mm long
SMBDX80DIN Din Rail Bracket for standard DX80 housing
BWA-HW-034 DIN Rail Bracket for small -B2Q Gateway Board Module
BWA-EF14128 Enclosure, fiberglass, 14" x 12" x 8"
BWA-PA1412 Back Panel for enclosure
BENC-4 Enclosure for -B2Q Gateway Board Module

Application and Technical Notes for the Wireless Q45 Sensors

Using Wireless Q45 Sensors to Call for Parts. Production operators needed a way to easily call the forklift drivers to deliver additional parts or to remove completed assemblies from the work stations. Because the production area is frequently reconfigured when production requirements change, a wired system would require time-consuming rewiring with every reconfiguration.

Monitoring Door Switches Using Wireless Q45 Sensors. A major supplier of bulk food ingredients has recently been asked by its customer to verify the building is secure at all times. To achieve this, multiple door and window access points throughout the plant need to be constantly monitored.

Increasing Production Efficiency with the Wireless Q45 Sensors. Using Wireless Q45 Sensors and EZ-LIGHTs, the customer created a notification system. Each production area has one switch box and one tower light connected to the input on a Wireless Q45 Sensor with dry contact inputs. When a manager or technician is needed on the production line, an employee flips a switch.

Q45 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution. Use the -B2T Gateway, Wireless Q45 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Node, and a Red Lion HMI to monitoring temperature and relative humidity.

The following Wireless Q45 Sensor videos are available on YouTube:

Promo Video

Binding video

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