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Sure Cross® Performance Wireless I/O Gateways

These Sure Cross® Performance Gateways are designed to function with the Sure Cross Performance Nodes, but may be also be configured to work with the existing DX80 Nodes.

Refer to the 3D Models page to download AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, and PDF models. Download the DX80 Quick Start Guide or Product Manual for more information about the DX80 and Performance products.

  • Enhanced Gateways offer increased range in the 900 MHz frequency band
  • High density I/O capacity provides up to 12 discrete inputs or outputs or a mix of discrete and analog I/O
  • Universal analog inputs allow current or voltage to be selected in the field
DX80 Performance FlexPower Gateway DX80 Performance Gateway
Performance FlexPower® Gateway (Low-Profile Housing) Performance Gateway (IP67 Housing)


DX80...C Performance Gateway DX80...C (IP20; NEMA 1) models are also available. To order a Performance radio with an IP20 housing, add a C to the end of the model number. For example: DX80G9M6S-P8C.

Performance Gateways

Model Frequency Supply Voltage Housing I/O Datasheet
DX80G9M2S-P 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc, solar, or battery power sources Low Profile N/A

142679 (English)

168842 (French)

DX80G2M2S-P 2.4 GHz
DX80G9M6S-P2 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc IP67 Inputs: Four selectable discrete, two 0–20 mA or 0–10 V analog
Outputs: Four sourcing discrete, two 0–20mA analog
DX80G2M6S-P2 2.4 GHz
DX80G9M2S-P7 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc, solar, or battery power sources IP67 Inputs/Outputs: Up to 12 NPN inputs or up to 12 NMOS outputs, or a mix of inputs and outputs not exceeding 12 I/O points  155285
DX80G2M2S-P7 2.4 GHz
DX80G9M6S-P8 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc IP67 Inputs/Outputs: Up to 12 PNP inputs or up to 12 PNP outputs, or a mix of inputs and outputs not exceeding 12 I/O points 158214
DX80G2M6S-P8 2.4 GHz


Performance Gateways (Board Only Models)

Performance Gateway Board Module  
Performance Gateway Board Module  


Model Frequency Supply Voltage I/O Quick Start Guide Datasheet
DX80G9M6S-PB2 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc Inputs: Two sourcing discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
Outputs: Two sourcing discrete, two 0-20 mA analog


DX80G2M6S-PB2 2.4 GHz


Performance GatewayPros

The GatewayPro “T” models provide a simple interface to serial communication protocols such as Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP. The GatewayPro “A” models enable full configuration capability and access to many advanced settings for complete custom setup of the Sure Cross product line. This device can be used for complex mapping and to interface with existing PLC or DCS systems.

Model Frequency Supply Voltage Features Datasheet
DX80P9T6S-P 900 MHz 10 to 30 V dc Modbus/TCP to EtherNet/IP Converter 157639
DX80P2T6S-P 2.4 GHz
DX80P9A6S-P 900 MHz Advanced Web-based configuration
DX80P2A6S-P 2.4 GHz

EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files allow users of networks employing Ethernet/IP protocol to very simply and easily add a Banner GatewayPro device. There is no need to configure the PLC manually to work with a GatewayPro - with just a few clicks the EDS file automatically configures the appropriate input/output assemblies to the module configuration, saving time and effort. There is even a Banner Performance GatewayPro graphic image included.

The Wireless I/O Network Manual is the full product manual for the Sure Cross DX80 devices and contains detailed information about the menu system, operation, installation, maintenance and repairs, troubleshooting, accessories, and the agency certifications for these devices. Manual 132607

For a basic description of how antennas work, how to connect a remote antenna system, and the differences between omni and Yagi antennas, refer to Antenna Basics. There are many possible installation configurations for your wireless network. Refer to the System Layouts webpage for a few examples or download the System Layouts document for more detailed examples of some wireless networks.

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