Why Sure Cross® Wireless?

Banner Engineering’s proprietary RF protocol coupled with license-free frequency hopping technology makes for reliable and secure radio communications. Our flexible and easy-to-commission wireless devices are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions while maintaining reliable signal transmission over very long distances.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for cables, conduit and trenching
  • Accomplish what was previously cost-prohibitive or impossible using hard wiring
  • Eliminate loss of productivity by monitoring processes to catch problems before they occur
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance and avoid costly fines and downtime

Select by Industry/Application

Oil and Gas Ag and Irrigation Vehicle Detection Water and Wastewater Factory Automation
Oil and Gas Ag and Irrigation Parking and Traffic Water and Wastewater Factory Automation


Select by Type

Simple Wire Replacement

  • Easily replace discrete, analog, serial, and Ethernet signal wires
  • No setup software needed
  • Radios are easy to apply, use, and support

Wireless I/O, Data, and Network Connectivity

  • Create point to multi-point wireless networks to distribute I/O over large areas
  • Easily expandable from one Node to up to 47 Nodes
  • Flexible I/O options

Wireless Sensors and Solutions

  • Measure, monitor, and collect data from remote locations
  • Sensors are optimized to work with Banner's wireless I/O radio devices

Hazardous Area

  • Collect data, measure, and actuate inside the hazardous area
  • Transmit signals out to the safe zone


Select by Topology

Point to Point Network

Point to Point

The most basic form of a radio network.

Point to Point with Repeater Network

Point to Point with Repeater

Extend range and get around radio signal obstacles.

Star Network


Connect multiple radios to a single point.

Tree Network


Use repeaters to extend the reach of multiple radios.



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"No more costly wiring runs"

“I’m delighted with Banner’s SureCross wireless system. It gives us comprehensive monitoring and control in previously inaccessible locations. And it’s easy to expand and relocate as needed.”

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