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Sensors Optimized for Sure Cross® FlexPower® Devices

The following sensors are optimized to work with Banner's Sure Cross FlexPower industrial wireless I/O radio devices. These sensors have minimized power requirements to prolong battery life, but other sensors can be used with the Sure Cross devices. Additional sensor options are available. For more information, refer to Banner's Power Solutions document. For more information about battery life and the power requirements of your specific application, contact a Banner wireless applications engineer.

M-GAGE Sensors

The M-GAGE sensor uses a passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The sensor measures the change in the Earth's natural magnetic field (ambient magnetic field) caused by the introduction of a ferromagnetic object. The M-GAGE provides a direct replacement for inductive loop systems and needs no external frequency box. Its unique design allows quick installation within a core hole. These M-GAGE sensors are powered by an on-board battery pack integrated into the fully sealed housing

  Models Notes Datasheet
M-GAGE Puck Sensor MultiHop M-GAGE Sensor
Powered by A cell batteries integrated into the housing 158148
DX80 M-GAGE Sensor 157693
M-GAGE Puck Sensor DX80 M-GAGE Sensor
Powered by a D cell battery integrated into the housing 180451

Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors

  Models Notes Datasheet
Temp/Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Model M12FTH4Q

Temperature Sensor
Model M12FT4Q

1-Wire Serial Interface, designed to work with the Performance Node with Serial Interface (P6) and MultiHop M-H6 models.

Datasheet: 162669

Quick Start Guide: 173557

NIST Traceabiliy Calibration Certificate 

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Model: M12FTH3Q

Temperature Sensor
Model: M12FT3Q

Modbus Slave

Datasheet: 163751

NIST Traceabiliy Calibration Certificate 

Aluminum grill filter cap (included with M12FTH*Q)  
  FTH-FIL-002 Stainless steel filter, sintered to 10 micrometer porosity  
NTC Thermistor, 2 KOhms, +/-0.2%C, blue bead
(For models: DX80N9X2S2N2T/C, DX99N9X2S2N0T4X0A0, and DX99N9X1S2N0T4X0D0)

NTC Thermistor, 10 KOhms, +/-0.2%C, black bead
(For Performance models P1/C/E, and MultiHop models M-H1/C/E) (2 pack)



Photoelectric Sensors

  Models Notes Datasheet
QS30 Emitter and Receiver Pair

Models QS30WEQ (Emitter) and QS30WRQ (Receiver)

Photoelectric pair for a maximum range of 100 feet.

1-Wire Serial Interface, designed to work with the Performance Node with Serial Interface (P6) model.


SM312LPQD-78447 (3 m range)
SM312DQD-78419 (38 cm range)
The low power MINI-BEAM is designed to work with the FlexPower Nodes. 134420


Ultrasonic Sensors

  Models Notes Datasheet
QT50U Ultrasonic U-GAGE QT50U A long-range ultrasonic sensor designed to work with the FlexPower Nodes.

datasheet 70137
Addendum 126504


Other Sensors

These sensors also work well with Banner's Sure Cross devices, but are not manufactured by Banner Engineering Corp.

NoShok Series 612 Submersible Level Transmitters
Model: BWA-S612-30-100 (0 to 30 psig, 100' cable)
Model: BWA-S612-15-100 (0 to 15 psig, 100' cable)

NoShok Series 625 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters
Model: BWA-625-5000-1-1-8-25 Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 5000 psig, 1/2" NPT, 4-20 mA, M12 QD
Model: BWA-625-10000-1-1-8-25 Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 10,000 psig, 1/2" NPT, 4-20 mA, M12 QD

Acclima SDI-12 Soil Moisture Transducer

Cables for the NoShok Series 625
Model: BWA-P-RKGV 5.33T-1727-2.0 Cable, female M12, 4-pin, blue PVC, stainless steel connector


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