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DX85 Modbus RTU Remote I/O

The DX85 Modbus RTU remote I/O devices have a Modbus interface and are used to expand the I/O of a Gateway or Modbus host within the wireless I/O sensor network.

Refer to the 3D Models page to download AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, and PDF models. There are many possible installation configurations for your wireless network. Refer to the System Layouts webpage for a few examples or download the System Layouts document for more detailed examples of some wireless networks.

The standard IP67 base with internal terminal blocks. The low-profile IP20 base with external terminal blocks.


The features of these devices include: 

  • 10 to 30 V dc power input
  • Selectable slave address
  • Modbus RTU protocol using RS-485

Models ending in C use external terminal blocks instead of internal terminal blocks. These "C" models are Class I, Division 2 certified when installed in a suitable enclosure. Certifications are listed on the Classified Areas page.

The following links lead to the Technical Notes that include DX85 models.


Model Number Base I/O Datasheet


IP67 Discrete: Six inputs, six outputs 131599
DX85M6P6C IP20
DX85M8P4 IP67 Discrete: Eight inputs, four outputs
(When your wireless network does not include a host system, the eight inputs/four output devices must be mapped to the four input/eight output devices.)
DX85M8P4C IP20
DX85M4P8 IP67 Discrete: Four inputs, eight outputs
(When your wireless network does not include a host system, the four inputs/eight output devices must be mapped to the eight input/four output devices.)
DX85M4P8C IP20
DX85M0P0M4M4 IP67 Analog: Four inputs, four outputs
(0-20 mA)
DX85M0P0M4M4C IP20
DX85M4P4M2M2 IP67 Discrete: Four inputs, four outputs
Analog: Two inputs, two outputs
(0-20 mA)
DX85M4P4M2M2C IP20
DX85M-P7 IP67 Discrete: Up to 12 NPN inputs or up to 12 NMOS outputs (for a total of 12 I/O) 155288
DX85M-P7C IP20
DX85M-P8 IP67 Discrete: Up to 12 PNP inputs or up to 12 PNP outputs (for a total of 12 I/O) 158216
DX85M-P8C IP20

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