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DX99 Polycarbonate Housing Models

The polycarbonate DX99 FlexPower Nodes must be powered by the DX81H Battery Module (sold separately).

  • State-of-the-art combination of wireless communication, battery technology, and intrinsically safe electronics
  • Discrete, analog, and temperature input types are available
  • Battery-based power supply provides power for third-party 4 to 20 mA and NAMUR process sensors
  • Polycarbonate housing devices require the DX81H Battery Module

To simplify the certifications, we have created a reference guide that lists all CSA and ATEX certifications by model, defines the environments, and explains the codes used on ATEX certificates. Refer to the 3D Models page to download AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, and PDF models.

Control Drawings: 141513

CSA Certificate of Compliance

ATEX Certificate of Compliance


DX99 FlexPower Node with Polycarbonate Housing

Certified for operation in the following locations: 

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Zone 0 (Group IIC)

Model Frequency Boost Power I/O Datasheet
DX99N9X2S2N0M2X0A1 900 MHz 10 V Discrete: Two discrete inputs
Analog: Two analog inputs (0-20 mA)
DX99N9X2S2N0M2X0A2 18 V
DX99N9X2S2N0V2X0A1 10 V Discrete: Two discrete inputs
Analog: Two analog inputs (0-10 V)
DX99N9X2S2N0V2X0A2 18 V
DX99N2X2S2N0M2X0A1 2.4 GHz 10 V Discrete: Two discrete inputs
Analog: Two analog inputs (0-20 mA)
DX99N2X2S2N0M2X0A2 18 V
DX99N2X2S2N0V2X0A1 10 V Discrete: Two discrete inputs
Analog: Two analog inputs (0-10 V)
DX99N2X2S2N0V2X0A2 18 V
DX99N9X2S2N0T4X0A0 900 MHz n/a Thermocouple: Three thermocouple inputs, one thermistor input
Discrete: Two discrete inputs
DX99N2X2S2N0T4X0A0 2.4 GHz
DX99N9X2S0N0R4X0A0 900 MHz RTD: Four inputs 142499
DX99N2X2S0N0R4X0A0 2.4 GHz

To order the internal antenna models, replace the "S" as the 9th digit with a "W." Internal antennas require an additional week for manufacture and shipping. For example, DX99N9X2S2N0M2X0A1 is the model with the external antenna and DX99N9X2W2N0M2X0A1 is the internal antenna model.


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