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Wireless Industrial I/O Applications for Water and Wastewater Industries

Banner Engineering's Sure Cross® product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these example wireless applications for wastewater, landfills, and biomass processes.

Water and Wastewater Monitoring


Controlling Pumps Using a Solar-Powered Repeater System

A local water cooperative near Asheville, North Carolina supplies water to its customers from an elevated reservoir to use gravity
to provide consistent water pressure. When the reservoir tank level gets too low, the co-op needs to pump water from a well in the
valley to fill the reservoir. download PDF


Retrofitting a Lake Level Monitoring System

The existing lake level measurement system at Moncks Corner, South Carolina was aging and needed to be upgraded to newer technology. download PDF

Pump Control at a Sewage Treatment Plant Water and Wastes Digest (Oct 15, 2010): Tennessee Wastewater Plant Uses Banner Wireless Network Devices for Flood Clean-Up
Controlling Well Pumps for a Neighborhood

Controlling Well Pumps for a Neighborhood

Three well pumps service a mobile home park. As the water level of the main storage tank drops, one of the pumps needs to cycle on to fulfill the water system's needs.

Turning the pumps on and off required someone to manually measure the storage tank level, then walk out to one of the pumps and turn it on. To automate the pump control, the mobile home park manager installed three pairs of DX70 radios. download PDF

Water Tower Monitoring and Pump Control Water Tower Level Monitoring and Pump Control

Water towers are used to add water or water pressure to small communities or neighborhoods during peak use times to ensure water pressure is available to all users. Defined water levels are established with both float switches and a submersible pressure sensor. When water levels drop, a wireless signal sent to the Gateway turns on a series of pumps to bring more water into the system. download PDF

Snap Samples at a Seqage Treatment Facility Collecting Snap Samples

Snap sample is a name for a method of sampling a liquid at a known depth without contaminating the sample with air. In a sewage plant, samples are taken hourly and placed in an evacuated jug in a refrigerator. When the jug contains 24 samples, it is removed for analysis. The chemical composition of the snap samples are analyzed to determine the extent of the contaminants. A wireless solution eliminates manual collection and potential exposure to harmful pathogens. download PDF

Wastewater Case Study Wastewater Case Study

Wastewater treatment plants and tank farms need to continually monitor various parameters, including temperature, pressure, flow, pH, conductivity, or water levels. Using FlexPower® Nodes and sensors, powered by battery or solar panels, makes monitoring wastewater installations easy and reliable. download PDF

Landfill and Biomass

Landfill Leachate Pump Counter Landfill - Leachate Pump Counter

Leachate removal from a landfill well is a primary function to guarantee consistent landfill gas production. Leachate pumps are installed with a totalizing counter mounted at the top of the well head to monitor the pump cycles and to calculate the total volume of leachate removed from the well. Instead of reading this counter manually, use wireless technology to send pump data back to the control location, saving time and reducing errors. download PDF

Methane Flare Stack Monitoring Landfill - Methane Flare Stack Monitoring

Monitor methane gas production, removal, venting, and burning using wireless technology. download PDF

Windrow Composting Windrow Composting

To ensure efficient and effective composting, the temperatures of the windrows must be measured and logged constantly. With accurate temperature measurements, you can determine the optimum time to turn the windrows for quicker compost production. download PDF

Landfill Ground Well and Leachate Level Monitoring Landfill - Ground Well and Leachate Level Monitoring

Landfill managers need to accurately measure and monitor the water levels within all ground wells in the landfill site and monitor leachate accumulation and removal. download PDF


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