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Wireless Solutions for Vehicle Detection

Vehicle detection sensors, which detect the presence of large metal objects, combined with Banner’s wireless Gateways, can provide a complete and cost effective solution for a variety of traffic and parking applications.

For more information, download the Wireless Solution for Parking brochure or the Wireless Solutions for Parking Guidance and Occupancy.

Featured Products

Form Factor Family Name Description
M-GAGE Nodes M-GAGE Node Ferrous presence sensing
Ultrasonic Node with Battery Ultrasonic Node Sound wave presence sensing
Light Node with Battery Light Node Synchronized flashing LED light Node
Performance Gateways Performance Gateways High density I/O capacity network radios


Featured Applications

Loading Dock Occupancy Monitoring Loading Dock Occupancy Monitoring

For optimum workflow and loading dock traffic management, it is essential for dock workers to immediately know of arrivals. Learn more

Automated Car Wash Detection Automated Car Wash Detection

An automated car wash system needs to remain in a low-power consumption standby mode until a vehicle is detected entering the car wash. Learn more

Parking Kiosk Access and Control

Parking Kiosk Access and Control

Parking control systems and payment kiosks need to automatically activate when a vehicle approaches the parking lot. Learn more

Vehicle Detection in a Gated Community

Vehicle Detection, Gated Community Exit

For security reasons, the entrance to a gated community is controlled by either a security guard or an unmanned system. Typically unmanned systems require an authorized code or a handheld remote to open the gate. When exiting the gated community, however, an automatically opening gate is typically used. Learn more

Shopping Center Directs Visitors to Available Parking Using Banner Wireless

Shopping Center Directs Visitors to Available Parking Using Banner Wireless

A large retail shopping center has over 4000 parking spaces. There are approximately 2500 ground level parking spaces. Of these, more than half are covered by an elevated parking area. Elevated parking accounts for all the remaining spaces. During peak shopping times, demand for parking spaces at the center increases dramatically, as does vehicle congestion in the parking lots and around the shopping center. Download the application note


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