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Wireless Industrial I/O Applications for Process Control

Banner Engineering's Sure Cross® product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these examples of wireless installations for process control.


Monitoring Temperature and Humidity for Injection Molding

A global manufacturer wanted to monitor environmental conditions to better understand how it was affecting the plastic injection molding operations. The drying system for the resin was not a closed loop system, so the resin was exposed to ambient air after it dried. The factory would make adjustments to the machines, especially during the spring and fall, to try to offset the changing humidity levels. download PDF

Wireless Solution Deploys on Rotating Turret to Gauge Unwinding Roll Diameter

Wireless Solution Deploys on Rotating Turret to Gauge Unwinding Roll Diameter

A packaging plant requires continuous monitoring of a roll diameter as the paperboard is unwound on a high-speed flying splicer. download PDF


Controlling a Room Light Remotely

A manufacturer of high-tech fiberglass has a storage room upstairs in a low traffic area that didn’t need to have lights on all the
time. Because it was unnecessary to illuminate this area throughout the day, the customer wanted to have the lights turn on only
when someone was walking up the stairs and then turn off automatically. download PDF


Monitoring Environmental Conditions at a Semiconductor Plant

A semiconductor manufacturing company needs to monitor temperature, relative humidity, and oxygen levels at multiple points within their processing plant, along a 2 kilometer long process piping system. download PDF

Presence Detection Increases Throughput

Sure Cross Wireless Enables Flour Mill to Access Temperature Data during Thermal Remediation

The EPA has placed restrictions on the use of many fumigants citing a correlation between their use and ozone depletion. As an alternative, a large-scale flour mill performs three to four thermal remediations per year to eradicate flour beetles. download PDF

Presence Detection Increases Throughput

Enabling Presence Detection on Rotating Lathe Turret

As material is loaded into a lathe, the operator validates its position and alignment to prevent tooling damage, material loss, and production slowdowns. Betty Machine wanted to improve process efficiency by automating this process. The solution would have to perform reliably despite machine vibration, moving components, and airborne debris. download PDF

Monitoring Door Switches Using Wireless Q45 Sensors

Monitoring Door Switches Using Wireless Q45 Sensors

A major supplier of bulk food ingredients has recently been asked by its customer to verify the building is secure at all times. To achieve this, multiple door and window access points throughout the plant need to be constantly monitored. download PDF

Monitoring Flammable Fluid Levels in a Solvent Recylcing Facility

Monitoring Flammable Fluid Levels in a Recycling Facility

A large petroleum products recycling plant in Detroit required a unique solution for monitoring solvents in mobile tanks that were moved by semi-truck. Because these fluids were flammable, a Class I, Division 1 solution was required.

In the past, personnel from the recycling plant would manually measure the tanker trucks and log the available quantities by hand on clipboards. At the end of the day, these amounts were logged to keep track of available product and remaining storage space. The values were seldom accurate and caused ongoing problems in production, resulting in costly delays. download PDF


Data Clustering/Concentrating with Wireless Technology

Data clustering or concentrating is easy with the DX80 Wireless network. Instead of installing a cell modem or satellite transmitter at each data collection site, install DX80 Nodes. The DX80 Nodes collect the data and wirelessly transmit it back to the Gateway. Install only one cell modem at the Gateway to transmit the data back to the central control location for logging and analysis. download PDF

Monitoring Motor and Bearing Temperatures in Hazardous Areas

Monitoring Motor and Bearing Temperatures in Hazardous Areas

The dense airborne particulate in a grain elevator presents a unique challenge when collecting predictive maintenance data such as a conveyor's motor or bearing temperature.

An intrinsically safe FlexPower® Node with an integrated battery powering the radio and thermocouple monitors motor or bearing temperatures without running any new wires for either power or data transmission. download PDF

Monitoring a Coal Slurry Retention Pond

Monitoring a Coal Slurry Retention Pond

To keep coal slurry out of streams and local water supplies, the retention ponds are usually created within valleys between hills. While the slurry is pumped from the mine site over hills into the retention pond, the flow rates are measured at the origination site and at the retention pond. Several additional sensors are positioned at pipeline splices to detect leaks. download PDF

Monitoring Retention Pond Levels Monitoring Retention Pond Levels

Many states have clean water acts mandating the existence of retention ponds to contain runoff from parking lots and building roofs. This mandate is typically based on the total square footage. In this application, the runoff is generated by a facility designed for automotive manufacturing.

Although this runoff can eventually be released into the municipal water system, the water cannot be released until after it is tested. For this reason, retention pond levels must be monitored after each rainstorm.

Large facilities may have several runoff ponds in widely distributed locations. Using a wireless monitoring system eliminates the need for someone to drive out to each pond to monitor water levels. download PDF

Automatic Data Collection for On-Site Water Treatment Automatic Data Collection for On-Site Water Treatment

Maintenance personnel at a commercial printing company take continuous level readings throughout their on-site water treatment process to comply with state mandates. A dedicated maintenance person was needed to manually sample and document each individual level at regularly scheduled intervals. Although this data was collected, it was isolated from the plant-wide control system and had to be reviewed at the end of each shift. download PDF

Detecting Chiller Status Before It Overheats Detecting Chiller Status Before It Overheats

A chiller located behind a production facility was manually checked twice per shift. Maintenance personnel determined the status of the chiller: okay, elevated temperature, or shut down.

Because the chiller was checked only twice per shift, it was possible for the chiller to begin overheating after it was checked and continue to overheat until the chiller unit shut down, potentially causing damage to other expensive plant equipment. download PDF

Monitoring Power Use to Avoid Peak Use Charges Monitoring Power Use to Avoid Peak Use Charges

A large manufacturer was being billed about $50,000 a month in peak use penalties and wanted to improve their energy efficiency to avoid these charges.

The manufacturer had installed a “smart” power system to keep the power efficiency between 95 and 100%. The plant’s power is switched through six large banks of capacitors located about 100 feet away from the building. The data collection for the system was done manually only a few times a day. As a result, the operators would not know they were drawing more power than desired until someone manually checked the system. download PDF

Managing an HVAC System to Improve Efficiency

A consumer paper products manufacturer runs four production lines parallel to each other in the same building. Sometimes only one production line is operating and sometimes all four may be operating.

Because the machinery in each line produces heat, multiple air conditioners were constantly running throughout the building. However, when only one production line is operating, having all air conditioners on is not necessary and energy is wasted. download PDF

Managing Energy Use at as Amusement Park

An amusement park uses large air compressors to controls many of the rides throughout the park. In the mornings when the compressors were turned on, maintenance workers would have to wait for air pressure to build up to operating levels, about 30 minutes, before they could perform their maintenance duties on the rides. If someone forgot to turn off the compressors, they would remain running overnight after the park closed down, wasting energy. download PDF

Controlling Temperature and Relative Humidity for a Cabinet Maker Controlling Temperature and Relative Humidity for a Cabinet Maker

A large cabinet maker needs to monitor and control the temperature and humidity throughout many rooms in a large production facility. Manual environmental readings of the entire plant were conducted periodically throughout the week. download PDF

Replacing Cables on a Transport Cart Replacing Cables on a Transport Cart

A transport cart moved stacks of fiberboard 100 meters across a facility, dragging a 36-conductor cable behind it. This cable unrolls and rolls onto a spool dozens of times a day, every day.

Over time, this cable breaks and must be replaced, causing production delays and increased maintenance costs. Operators were left trying to predict when the cable might break based on wear and often replaced the cable before it broke to avoid an unplanned shutdown during peaks in their production schedule. download PDF

Wireless Perimeter Guard Powered by Solar Energy Wireless Perimeter Guard

Storing large items outdoors presents a potential risk of property damage through vandalism or loss from theft.

Using a solar powered wireless alert system prevents damage or loss by alerting security personnel when someone has entered your outdoor storage area without clearance. download PDF

Detecting an Activated Emergency Shower Detecting an Activated Emergency Shower

A chemical company needs to know when and where an emergency shower is activated so that it can send a security guard to the appropriate shower to render assistance. download PDF

Day Tank Level Monitoring

Day Tank Level Monitoring

Day tank fill levels are monitored continuously so that materials are maintained at a specific quantity. Because these tanks are slowly filled or depleted, ultrasonic sensors can be used to measure the tank levels without false readings or tank wall interference. download PDF

Valve Temperatures Monitoring Valve Temperatures at a Power Plant

Engineers operating a power plant need to monitor the temperature of all the valves to identify possible energy losses and to schedule repairs. download PDF

Rotating Kiln Temperature Monitoring Rotating Kiln Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature of a kiln or oven isn’t difficult, unless it is a rotating kiln.

Taking measurements on rotating equipment, such as a kiln or rotary table, usually requires a complex and expensive system of cabling. Even taking precautions and using specialized equipment doesn’t eliminate cable tangles and breaks, making the monitoring of rotating or moving equipment an ideal application for a wireless sensor network. download PDF

Monitoring in a Bottling Facility Monitoring in a Bottling Facility

A bottling plant monitors the level, pressure, and temperature inside each rotary filler to accurately determine when to activate the inflow into the tank. download PDF

Monitoring Motor Bearing Temperatures Monitoring Motor Bearing Temperatures

The heat generated by failing motors and bearings can be detected before the devices shut down, minimizing facility downtime and machine damage. download PDF

DX70 Wire Replacement for Failed Conduit Existing Conduit Failing?

The traditional method for dealing with these situations is to have new conduit runs trenched or bored at great expense and inconvenience or continue to operate in a time consuming manual approach. A wireless solution would allow you to handle your current needs as well as giving you future expansion without the cost or inconvenience of disturbing your facilities operations. download PDF

Retail Traffic Analysis

Retail Traffic Analysis

Large retail stores require an easy-to-install solution for monitoring customer traffic in various parts of the store. These statistics can help optimize placement of products and advertising, thus increasing sales. download PDF



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