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Wireless Industrial I/O Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

Banner Engineering's Sure Cross® product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these examples of wireless installations for the oil and gas industry.

Monitoring Salt Water Disposal Tank Levels

Monitoring Salt Water Disposal Tank Levels

In most natural gas fields, salt water is removed from the ground along with the gas. This salt water must be stored in large tanks, often miles away from the gas fields.

When the salt water tanks are filled, the pumps in the field need to stop pumping the salt water to prevent salt water spills. If this salt water is spilled out of the tank, the EPA levies fines. Manually monitoring the salt water tank levels is time consuming and can result in accidental spills. download PDF

Monitoring a Coal Slurry Retention Pond

Monitoring a Coal Slurry Retention Pond

To keep coal slurry out of streams and local water supplies, the retention ponds are usually created within valleys between hills. While the slurry is pumped from the mine site over hills into the retention pond, the flow rates are measured at the origination site and at the retention pond. Several additional sensors are positioned at pipeline splices to detect leaks. download PDF

Valve Temperatures Monitoring Valve Temperatures at a Power Plant

Engineers operating a power plant need to monitor the temperature of all the valves to identify possible energy losses and to schedule repairs. download PDF

Methane Flare Stack Monitoring Landfill - Methane Flare Stack Monitoring

Monitor methane gas production, removal, venting, and burning using wireless technology. download PDF



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