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Wireless Industrial I/O Applications for Agriculture and Irrigation

Banner’s extensive line of wireless devices make it possible to monitor and control many parts of your agricultural or irrigation operation that were previously inaccessible.

Featured Products

Form Factor Sensor / Solution Description
Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors Temp & Humidity Sensor Environmental monitoring of temperature and relative humidity
Vibration and Temperature Sensor Vibration and Temperature Vibration and temperature monitoring for predictive maintenance applications
DC Latch Node DC Latching Node Remotely actuate DC latching valves
Performance GatewaysPerformance Nodes Performance Gateways and Performance Nodes High density I/O capacity network radios
MultiHop Radio with internal wiring MultiHop Modbus I/O Use multiple hops to extend the range of your wireless network


Featured Applications

Irrigation with Pump and Flow Control Gravity Irrigation with Pump and Flow Control

Gravity fed water distribution systems for potable water and irrigation rely on pumping water uphill, often through topography that can be extremely challenging for RF communication. In this application submersible pressure sensors are used to monitor tank levels. Based on the tank water level, pumps bringing water in from a lake are turned on or off.

Counter Nodes with flow meters are used to monitor the water flowing to orchards to allow for precise water metering and accurate billing for water use. For installations without access to wired power, a solar panel or battery pack may be used to power the FlexPower Nodes and sensors. Learn more>>

Soil Moisture Monitoring and Irrigation Control Frost Protection and Soil Moisture Control in Cranberry Bogs

Maintaining the proper soil moisture and temperature is critically important for healthy cranberry plants.  The root system of a cranberry plant is relatively shallow, requiring a specific soil moisture content to grow and produce fruit.  Air temperature is monitored to protect crops from frost. When the temperature nears freezing, the irrigation system is automatically turned on to protect the plants. Water and energy are conserved because the irrigation system is only used when the temperature is near freezing. Learn more>>

Air flow/ventilation monitoring

Air Flow/Ventilation Monitoring

Controlling the temperature in a livestock facility ensures minimum loss of life during an equipment failure. Learn more>>

Air flow and ventilation in a barn

Barn Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Temperature monitoring in a livestock facility ensures optimum conditions or minimizes the loss of life during an equipment failure or weather changes. Learn more>>


Controlling the End Nozzle of a Pivot Irrigation System

A municipality has over 30 farm fields irrigated with gray water using pivot irrigation systems. Local regulations prohibit the irrigation system from spraying over roads and ditches. Until now, the center pivot irrigation system uses mechanical switches to turn on and off the water flowing to the end nozzles to avoid spraying the roads and ditches adjacent to the field. These switches are unreliable and inaccurate. download PDF

Center Pivot Irrigation Center Pivot Irrigation

To pivot, sections of the irrigation assembly move at different speeds and the motors at each joint must be monitored to verify each section is moving at the proper speed and time. download PDF

Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in a Greenhouse

To ensure optimum performance and plant growth, a greenhouse environment must be maintained at specific temperature and humidity levels. A battery-powered FlexPower Node and temperature/humidity sensor can be easily installed for data gathering, then moved when the application need changes. Learn More >>

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