SureCross DX80 Configured Kits with Discrete I/O


Discrete I/O SureCross wireless kits that are configured with everything needed to solve many common applications quickly and easily.

  • One box houses the preset Gateway, Node(s), accessories and hardware to get you up and running quickly.
  • The Gateway is configured to independently control I/O mapping for all devices within the kit.
  • Network traits are preset to provide discrete I/O on change of state and periodic reporting of analog I/O.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. DX80 Kit, DX80K9M6EP2 142786 Download
2. DX80 Kit, DX80K9M6DP6 135607 Download
3. DX80 Kit, DX80K9M6EP1 135535 Download
4. DX80 Kit, DX80K9M6ED1 134856 Download
5. DX80 Kit, DX80KxR3PE1 129322 Download
6. DX80 Kit, DX80KxM3PE1 129318 Download
7. DX80 Kit, DX80KxR6DP4 129314 Download
8. DX80 Kit, DX80KxR6DP2 129311 Download
9. DX80 Kit, DX80KxR6DP1 129310 Download
10. DX80 Kit, DX80KxM6DP4 129308 Download
11. DX80 Kit, DX80KxM6DP2 129307 Download
12. DX80 Kit, DX80KxM6DP1 129306 Download
13. DX80 Kit, DX80K9M6VE1 136442 Download


Product Instruction Manual

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. DX80 Wireless Network -- Quick Start Guide
B_3129807 Download

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