U-GAGE QT50U DC Series—Analog


Long-range programmable ultrasonic sensor with dc voltage and analog output

  • Additional model available for use with FlexPower systems
  • Provides 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with selectable 4-20 mA or 0-10V dc analog output
  • Automatically scales the analog output over the width of the programmed sensing window
  • Monitors continuously
  • Senses extended range of up to 8 m
  • Features ultrasonic dead-zone of only 2.5% of the total range—75% less than comparable product
  • Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing ideal for monitoring levels of liquids as well as solids
  • Available in chemically resistant models with a Teflon coating to protect the transducer
  • Compensates for temperature, for greatest sensing accuracy
  • Simplifies setup with push-button and remote TEACH-mode programming
  • Shows status during setup and operation, using highly visible LEDs indicators

Product Specifications

Supply Voltage and Current10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) @ 40 mA max. (exclusive of load)
Range200 mm to 8 m
Ultrasonic Frequency75 kHz Rep. rate:96 milliseconds
Supply Protection CircuitryProtected against reverse polarity and transient overvoltages
Output ConfigurationVoltage sourcing:0-10V dc
Current sourcing:4-20 mA
Output Rating0-10V dc models:
Minimum load resistance:500 ohms
Minimum required supply voltage for full 0-10V output span:[(1000/RLOAD)+13]V dc
4-20 mA models:
Maximum load resistance:1 k ohms or [(V supply/0.02) - 5] ohms, whichever is lower
Minimum required supply voltage for full 4-20 mA output span:10V dc or [(RLOAD x 0.02) + 5]V dc, 4-20 mA output calibrated at 25° C with a 250 ohms load.
Output ProtectionProtected against short circuit conditions
Output Response Time100 to 2300 milliseconds
Delay at Power-up1.5 seconds
Temperature EffectUncompensated:0.2% of distance/° C
Compensated:0.02% of distance/° C
Linnearity+/- 0.2% of span from 200 to 8000 mm; +/- 0.1% of span from 500 to 8000 mm (1 mm minimum)
Repeatability1.0 mm
Minimum Window Size20 mm
AdjustmentsSensing window limits:TEACH-Mode programming of near and far window limits may be set using the push buttons or remotely using TEACH input.
IndicatorsGreen Power ON LED:indicates power is ON
Red Signal LED:indicates target is within sensing range, and the condition of the received signal
TEACH/Output indicator (bicolor Yellow/Red):
Yellow:target is within taught limits
Red:sensor is in TEACH mode
OFF:target is outside taught window limits
Remote TEACHTo TEACH:connect gray or yellow wire to 0 to +2V dc; impedance 12 k ohms
ConstructionTransducer:ceramic/epoxy composite
Membrane switch:polyester
Environmental RatingLeakproof design, rated IEC IP7; NEMA 6P
Connections5-conductor (with drain) 2 m or 9 m shielded PVC-jacketed attached cable, or 5-pin Euro- or Mini-style quick-disconnect fitting. QD cables are ordered separately.
Operating ConditionsTemperature:-20° to +70° C
Relative humidity:100%
Vibration and Mechanical ShockAll models meet Mil. Std. 202F requirements. Method 201A (Vibration: 10 to 60 Hz max. double amplitude 0.06”, maximum acceleration 10G). Also meets IEC 947-5-2 requirements: 30G, 11 milliseconds duration, half-sine wave.
Temperature Warmup DriftLess than 0.8% of sensing distance upon power-up with Temperature Compensation enabled
Application NoteObjects passing inside the specified near limit (200 mm) may produce a false response.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. U-GAGE QT50U Series, Mounting Flange
116804 Download
2. U-GAGE QT50U Series Sensor with Analog Output
(dc models)
70137 Download
3. U-GAGE QT50U, T30U Series, PTFE Flange -- Datasheet 122155 Download


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. U-GAGE QT50U Series Sensor with Analog Output
(dc) -- Datasheet
70137_FR Download


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. U-GAGE QT50U Series Sensor with Analog Output
(DC) -- Datasheet
70137_DE Download


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. U-GAGE QT50U Series Sensor with Analog Output
(DC) -- Datasheet
70137_IT Download

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