Vision Sensor Filters


Filters improve image quality by reducing unwanted ambient light.

  • Infrared filter blocks visible light and passes infrared light (included with infrared lights).
  • Blue filter improves quality by reducing ambient light; it passes blue and infrared light.
  • Green filter improves quality reducing ambient light; it passes green and infrared light.
  • Red filter improves quality by reducing ambient light; it passes red and infrared light.
  • Clear protective ultraviolet filter is for use with high-performance lenses.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. Polarizering and Bandpass Filters for Use with C-mount Lenses 173239 Download
2. FLTI850 Filter 173165 Download
3. FLTR660 Filter 174237 Download
4. FLTR635 Filter 173164 Download
5. FLTG525 Filter 173163 Download
6. FLTB470 Filter 173162 Download
7. Filter, Infrared
69461 Download
8. Filter, Red
69628 Download
9. Filter, Green
115634 Download
10. Filter, Blue
115635 Download

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