WORLD-BEAM QS18 Ultrasonic Sensors


Low-cost ultrasonic sensor in popular WORLD-BEAM housing

  • Detects clear or transparent material and color variations
  • Senses within a 50 to 500 mm window with a 15 millisecond response time
  • Offers wide operating range of -20° to 60° C
  • Compensates for variations in air temperature
  • Delivers high accuracy in wet or dirty environments
  • Available in encapsulated models rated IP67 or IP68 for a range of harsh conditions
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
  • Features push-button TEACH for easy programming at the sensor or remotely
  • Includes bright LED operating status indicators visible from 360°

Product Specifications

Supply Voltage and Current12 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) @ less than 25 mA (exclusive of load)
Sensing Range50 to 500 mm
Ultrasonic Frequency300 kHz Rep. rate:7.5 milliseconds
Supply Protection CircuitryProtected against reverse polarity and transient voltages
Delay at Power-up300 milliseconds
Output ConfigurationSPST solid-state switch conducts when target is sensed within sensing window; One NPN (current sinking) or one PNP (current soucing), depending on model
Output Rating100 mA max. OFF-state leakage current:less than 10 µA (sourcing); less than 200 µA (sinking)
NPN saturation:less than 1.6V @ 100 mA
PNP saturation:less than 3.0V @ 100 mA
Temperature EffectNon-encapsulated models:±0.05% per ° C from -20° to +50° C, ±0.1% per ° C from +50° to +60° C
Encapsulated models:±0.05% per ° C from 0° to +60° C, ±0.1% per ° C from -20° to 0° C
Repeatability0.7 mm
Hysteresis1.4 mm
Output Response Time15 milliseconds
Minimum Window Size5 mm
AdjustmentsSensing window limits:TEACH-mode programming of near and far window limits may be set using the push button or remotely using TEACH input.
IndicatorsRange Indicator (Red/Green):
Green:Target is within sensing range
Red:Target is outside sensing range
OFF:Sensing poser is OFF
Teach/Output Indicator (Yellow/Red):
Yellow:Target is within taught limits
Red:Sensor is in TEACH mode
OFF:Target is outside taught window limits
ConstructionSensor housing:ABS
Push button:TPE
Push-button housing:ABS
Environmental RatingIEC IP67; NEMA 6P, or IEC IP68; NEMA 6P depending on model
Connections2 m or 9 m 4-wire attached PVC cable, or 150 mm pigtail with 4-pin Pico-style QD (Q), or 150 mm pigtail with 4-pin Euro-style QD (Q5), or 4-pin integral Pico-style QD (Q7), or 4-pin integral Euro-style QD (Q8), depending on model. QD cable are ordered separately.
Operating ConditionsTemperature:-20° to +60° C
Relative humidity:100% (non-condensing)
Vibration and Mechanical ShockAll models meet Mil. Std. 202F requirements. Method 201A (Vibration; frequency 10 to 60 Hz, max., double amplitude 0.06-inch acceleration 10G). Also meets IEC 947-5-2 requirements: 30G 11 milliseconds duration, half sine.
Application NoteObjects passing inside the specified near limit may produce a false response.

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