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Moonroof Detection

As an unfinished automobile is transported along an assembly line, it is essential that no step has been overlooked and no pieces are missing. In this application, a detection solution is required that will reliably detect the presence of clear glass to ensure that the moonroof has been installed.

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Sensors help manufacturers of automotive parts reduce defects to mandated levels, while protecting personnel.

Moonroof Detection

As an unfinished automobile is transported along an assembly line, it is essential that no step has been overlooked and no pieces are missing. In this application, a detection solution is required that will reliably detect the presence of clear glass to ensure that the moonroof has been installed.

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Detecting Black Parts on Black Door Panel

Verifying that foam and other components are present on automotive door panels is extremely important to interior trim suppliers because if any part is missing, the quality of the final door assembly is adversely affected. Delivering a bad part to the car manufacturer may result in punitive actions against the Tier 1 supplier. Since door panels are often dark colors such as black or gray, and the foam used to eliminate rattles and provide stiffness is generally black, it can be difficult for standard sensors to differentiate between foam presence and absence due to poor contrast.

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Light Receiver Detects Broad Spectrum of Lights

The automotive industry often requires verification of interior and exterior light functions during the manufacturing process. It is common to test lights in each subassembly before shipping to the automotive manufacturer’s final assembly plant. If a part has an LED or incandescent light that does not work properly, the Tier 1 supplier could pay a fine or have inventory placed in containment.

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Plastic Injection Short Shot Detection

Plastic part suppliers in the automotive industry need to verify products have been properly formed during the injection molding process. When “short shots” occur, the mold cavity is not completely filled with thermoplastic material, causing voids on the part’s edges and compromising product integrity. In this application, a plastic steering column component is being monitored to ensure the flange is present on its inside edge.

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Automotive Welding Tip Inspection

In automated welding situations, it's important to maintain the overall quality of the welders to check for worn, improperly milled or missing welding caps.

If a welding tip fails inspection, a maintenance signal is sent to the process controller, and the welding operation halts.

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Automotive Weld Nut Inspection

Improperly placed and welded accessories can lead to costly downtime or recalls in the automotive industry. To cut back on errors, equipment is needed to verify that a robot has correctly placed multiple weld nuts.

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Engine Block Part-In-Place Detection

The automotive industry relies on quality control processes, ensuring that products are complete and correct before being shipped to Tier 1 manufacturers. Engine block manufacturing is vital because it is the core of the engine. It needs to be properly positioned before moving from station to station to ensure each component of the engine is installed properly. A reliable solution is needed for small feature detection to ensure the engine block is in place.

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Gate Monitoring with a Hinged Interlock

Keeping workers out of harm’s way is essential in large factory automation applications. Often, several safety systems must be employed to prevent workers from entering hazardous areas. In this application, an interlocked breakaway guard is protected with an integral hinge to prevent trapping or crushing.

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Long-Range Inspection in Automotive Assembly

Proper installation of vehicle components is crucial in such a demanding industry. To prevent costly downtime and assembly errors, a solution is needed that can detect the presence and position of a car seat on an automotive assembly line.

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Manual Load Weld Cell

A variety of semi-automated operations which involve the manual feeding and/or removal of parts exist within the automotive manufacturing process. In many cases such as this robotic weld cell, operators must be protected from hazards that are created by the automation such as pinch points from clamps and feed table movement.

The solution requires a safeguarding method which can detect the presence of a hand reaching into the station as well as protect from a cycle start if personnel are inside the cell.

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Part-in-Place Verification

In an automotive assembly plant, multiple parts are needed to make a subassembly and are commonly hand-placed together on pallets for feeding into a work station. The pallet of parts (or kit) must be verified prior to leaving the load station to ensure assembly quality and production efficiency.

The solution requires diffuse mode sensors that will tolerate variations in part reflectivity that is inherent to the process while ignoring background light reflected off the pallet surface that is in close proximity.

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Ply Orientation Inspection

Safety and quality are very important in the automotive industry. Errors could be very costly or cause recalls. In order for tires to be formed correctly, a solution is needed to ensure that the tire piles are stacked in alternating layers.

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Sheet Metal Thickness Measurement

In the automotive industry, sheet metal stamping is the process of cutting and shaping metal alloys into automotive frame brackets and other forms using a press tool. Metal stamping dies are used to create high precision metal parts that are equal in shape and size.

Automotive metal stamping requires a specific thickness to ensure the parts are equal, and to ensure the die is not damaged during this process. As metal sheets move down the conveyor, laser displacement sensors measure the sheets on a very precise scale to ensure they are the correct thickness. In this sheet metal stamping application, it is important that the frame brackets and other metal components are identical and that the die is not damaged to prevent down time and costly repairs.

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Thread Hole Detection

Shipping products that have not been threaded can cause major inconveniences and additional expenses to companies. In order to prevent these mistakes from happening it is necessary to verify, from a distance, that bolt threads have been cut into holes in a manifold.

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Q4X Versatile, Rugged Laser Distance Sensor

The versatile, rugged laser distance sensor has superior performance, detecting distance changes as small as 1 mm with a reliable sensing range of 25 to 300 mm.

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Q3X Versatile, Rugged Laser Contrast Sensor

The versatile, rugged laser contrast sensor provides reliable, high-speed detection and fixed background suppression models allow for contrast detection in a fixed range while ignoring a background.

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DF-G1 Fiber Optic Light Receiver

Advanced amplifier for detection of extraneous light sources

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Universal housing design with 18 mm threaded lens; an ideal replacement for hundreds of other sensor styles

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Universal housing, with 30 mm threaded lens mount

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EZ-SCREEN­ Safety Light Curtain Systems

Non-contact machine guarding systems protect fingers, hands and ankles, and guard perimeters and access, using self-contained emitters and receivers without a separate control box.

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SC22-3 Safety Controller

Totally configurable safety controller monitors numerous safety devices such as E-stop buttons, interlocking switches, safety light screens, two-hand controls and rope pull switches.

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D10 Series

High-performance, low-contrast plastic fiber optic sensor with numeric or bargraph display

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D12 Series

Versatile, high-power plastic or glass fiber optic sensor with bargraph display

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M12 Series—Visible Red LED

12 mm threaded metal barrel with visible red sensing beam

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Q60 Background Suppression Series

Laser or LED sensor for low reflectivity targets, regardless of background

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S18 Series

IP69K 18 mm threaded plastic barrels with EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments

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U-GAGE S18U Ultrasonic Sensors

Compact ultrasonic sensor in straight or right-angle housing.

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M18 Series

IP69K 18 mm threaded stainless-steel barrels with EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics, for reliable sensing without adjustments

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SLM Series Slot Sensors

Rugged metal sensor detects objects that pass between the opposed-mode emitter and receiver.

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T18 Series

T-style IP69K housing and 18 mm threaded lens with EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics, for reliable sensing without adjustments (most models)

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PVD Pick-to-Lights

One-piece light sensor for part assembly and error proofing

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