Part Presence and Position Verification on a Car Door from a Distance

Before the inner and outer panels of a car door can be joined together, structural, sound proofing and other components necessary to the systems housed in the door must be fastened into place. During this process, a small aluminum component will be welded onto the inner panel of a door. The part will be placed into position and then conveyed to a robotic work cell where it will be welded. If the component is missing or incorrectly placed when the weld is made the door panel will be unusable.


An LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensor is an ideal solution for inspection applications like this where accuracy is critical and accessing the target can be challenging.

A single LTF series sensor is installed on the hard guarding surrounding the weld cell, approximately eight meters from and at an angle to the target. At this distance the sensor will not come into contact with equipment or be exposed to hazards inside the weld cell. The high excess gain offered by the sensor supports a sensing range of up to 12 meters and enables the sensor to detect objects at or from an angle. Its exceptional linearity, repeatability and resolution ensure that even slight variations in target position will be detected.

LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors simplify inspections and are designed to be easy to use and deploy. Each sensor has one discrete and one analog output, allowing users to combine position inspection with presence verification. They feature a two-line, eight-character LCD display and an intuitive menu. These features facilitate inspection setup, expedite deployment and make it easy to monitor and manage inspections.

LTF Series Laser Measurement Sensors

High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 12 m away, straight-on or at an angle.

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