Roll Diameter and Loop Control

Banner offers a range of sensors that monitor the tension of loops, ensuring that they feed just the right amount of material into a process.

Loop Control for Clear Plastic

To control the amount of play in a loop of clear plastic within a set range

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Loop Control of a Web

To control the speed of a web, using a loop control system

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Loop Control of Clear Plastic

Clear plastic is used to cover cases of pill bottles before they are shipped. To ensure consistent packaging and prevent conveyor jams, the plastic film must travel through the rollers at the same speed as the conveyor transporting the bottles. A sensing solution is required that will communicate to the rollers to speed up or slow down as needed.

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Sheet Metal Roll Diameter

In the metal stamping industry, it is important to accurately determine the diameter of a roll of sheet metal to prevent the material from running out. It can be challenging to find a sensor that accurately measures the thickness of the roll on a shiny metal surface.

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Roll Diameter Measurement of Dark Material

Accurately determining the diameter of a roll of dark blue material is essential to prevent the material from running out during manufacturing. A sensor solution is needed to easily measure the thickness of the roll.

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