Lean Manufacturing

Maximizing output while minimizing costs creates a healthier bottom line. To do this, Banner offers a wide variety of products with applications designed to promote lean manufacturing.

Call for Parts

Reliable indication ensures workstation operators have the parts and supplies they need to build products and maintain a smooth workflow. An efficient way to deliver parts is to have a forklift driver attending as many workstations as possible. By integrating a wireless solution with pick-to-light indication, forklift drivers can receive multiple signals from various stations and seamlessly pick up and deliver supplies in one trip.

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Automated Parts Call

Automated guide vehicles (AGV) can be very useful in an assembly or manufacturing setting. Using an automated vehicle to delivery assembly parts to a workstation keeps the workflow and production levels high. A wireless solution helps operators keep AGVs running smoothly.

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Bin Coverage for Bin Picking Applications

Bins can vary by size depending on the parts that workers are picking. It can be difficult to set up an efficient pick and place operation with a variety of bin sizes without an accurate measuring light array. An extremely reliable light array is needed to provide full coverage in bin picking applications.

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Call For Parts

In flexible manufacturing environments, where operators assemble components with parts supplied by parts bins, a simple indicator is illuminated to alert stocking personnel to refill the bins before parts are depleted. Keeping bins stocked with parts without the need of the operator to leave the station to retrieve and refill improves productivity.

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Parts Inspection on a Feeder Bowl Rail

As parts file out of a vibratory feeder bowl to a conveying rail, they must be inspected before they are fed to the next stage of packaging or placement in additional finished components. Feeder bowls are effective in parts orientation, but without additional inspection devices or components they do not provide a means to sort parts that have minor flaws or defects that could create problems or lead to additional scrapped product later in the manufacturing process.

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Pick and Place Machine Leading Edge Detection

During the manufacturing of circuit boards, pick and place machines operate precisely and extremely fast. The first step occurs when solder paste is applied to a board with a soldering printer. SMT (surface-mount technology) components, typically consisting of resistors, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits, are loaded on a template to help guide components to the correct place. In order for a complete, speedy process, reliable leading edge detection is needed for pick and place machine applications.

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Wireless Call for Parts

Call for parts applications require efficient processes to ensure products are built with quality and attention to detail. To improve efficiency, assemblers at work stations need a way to call for parts and service that doesn’t require them to leave their workstations. Getting parts more quickly improves production efficiency, and using a system of remote indicators allows supervisors to see the each work station’s status, so they can quickly fix production problems.

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