Monitoring Power Use to Avoid Peak Use Charges

Large manufacturers often rack up large energy bills; in addition to large bills, peak use penalties can also add up.

To respond to these surcharges, manufacturers can install a "smart" power system to keep the power efficiency between 95 and 100%. The plant’s power is oftentimes switched through many large banks of capacitors located away from the building. The data collection for the system is usually done manually only a few times a day. Real-time data acquisition is nearly impossible under this system.


A SureCross DX80 wireless system can be installed to make the system work better. The DX80 Node accepts a signal from the PLC operating the smart power system that shows which capacitors are being used.

The signals are transmitted to a DX80 Gateway installed in a visible location. The Gateway uses EZ-LIGHT Tower Lights to indicate which capacitors are being used and an alarm to notify personnel when energy use drifts outside the desired range.

SureCross DX80 Gateways

A master communication device used to control and initiate commands to other devices in a wireless network.

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SureCross DX80 FlexPower Nodes with Discrete I/O

Discrete I/O Node provides sensing capability in a remote area and communicates data back to a Gateway.

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TL50 General Purpose Tower Light

Self-contained tower light indicators use long-lasting LED technology, are simple to install, and provide highly visible operator guidance and equipment indication.

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