Monitoring Customer Traffic

Large retail stores require an easy-to-install solution for monitoring customer traffic in various parts of the store. These statistics can help optimize placement of products
and advertising, thus increasing sales.

Stores must obtain these statistics without altering the shopper’s experience.


To understand traffic flow and consumer habits in a retail environment, a SureCross FlexPower Node and a Banner MINI-BEAM sensor provide a discreet, peel-and-stick monitoring and counting solution.

Because there are no power wires or data cabling anchoring the devices to a specific location, it is easy to gather information in a specific location then move the device. Moved throughout the location to assess retail traffic and optimal store layout, this versatile system provides data to the Gateway located in the management office.


World's most popular photoelectric sensor. Compact, high-performance sensors with 18 mm threaded lens or side mount.

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SureCross DX80 Gateways

A master communication device used to control and initiate commands to other devices in a wireless network.

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SureCross DX80 FlexPower Nodes with Discrete I/O

Discrete I/O Node provides sensing capability in a remote area and communicates data back to a Gateway.

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