Frost Protection and Soil Moisture Control in Cranberry Bogs

Maintaining the proper soil moisture and
temperature is critically important for healthy
cranberry plants.

The root system of a cranberry plant is relatively
shallow, requiring a specific soil moisture content
to grow and produce fruit.

Air temperature is monitored to protect crops
from frost. When the temperature nears freezing,
the irrigation system is automatically turned
on to protect the plants. Water and energy are
conserved because the irrigation system is only
used when the temperature is near freezing.


A FlexPower Node with analog inputs and a SDI-12 interface for a soil moisture probe is mounted on a stake driven into the ground near the cranberry bushes. A thermistor connected to the analog input on the FlexPower Node monitors soil and ambient

Moisture content and temperature data is wirelessly transmitted back to a Gateway, which is connected to a motor controller using Modbus RTU. When established environmental conditions are satisfied, the motor automatically starts to maintain optimum soil moisture levels and temperatures. Additional Nodes may be added to actuate irrigation valves if needed.

For difficult topologies, SureCross Data Radios can be used to transmit data over mountains and extend the range of the DX80 sensor network.

SureCross DX80 FlexPower Nodes

A Node provides sensing capability in a remote area and communicates data back to a Gateway.

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SureCross DX80 Gateways

A master communication device used to control and initiate commands to other devices in a wireless network.

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SureCross Data Radios

Data radios are used to extend the range of a communication network. Serial radios connect a Modbus control system to one or more DX80 Gateway devices acting as Modbus slaves.

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