Existing Conduit Failing? Need to Monitor Additional or Different Areas? Need to Control New Equipment?

The traditional method for dealing with these situations is to have new conduit runs trenched or bored at great expense and inconvenience or continue to operate in a time consuming manual approach. But, does implementing a new conduit run prevent line condensation or corroding wires from occurring again? Or will it allow you to expand your capabilities regarding more sensors and controls in the future?

A better option might be to implement a solution that
allows you to handle your current needs as well as giving you future expansion without the cost or inconvenience of disturbing your facilities operations.


The Banner Engineering SureCross DX70 dedicated wireless pair is the solution. The DX70 is an offering within the complete SureCross product line that simplifies applications such as failed conduit runs.

Because of the implementation ease of the DX70 products, you simply consider them wire replacement devices. There is no programming needed — connect your existing sensors or devices to the DX70 radio devices and the DX70 pair is ready to take over where your conduit has failed. The available models allow you to handle discrete I/O and 0–20 mA analog
I/O signals with one DX70 Radio pair.

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