Valve Temperature Monitoring at a Steam Power Plant

Engineers operating a steam power plant need to monitor the temperature of all the valves to identify possible energy losses and to schedule repairs.


To allow for quicker, more frequent, and more efficient scanning of target valve population tailpipe temperatures, a series of FlexPower Thermocouple
Nodes and FlexPower Battery Supply Modules are installed.

Temperature measurements of the valves and pipes are measured and wirelessly transmitted to a Gateway Pro mounted in a central location. The Gateway Pro gathers the data and transfers the data to a SCADA system that monitors and graphically displays the temperature data.

Temperature trend data is used to identify steam plant energy losses and repairable valve leakage–related heat rate degradation factors.

SureCross DX80 FlexPower Nodes

A Node provides sensing capability in a remote area and communicates data back to a Gateway.

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SureCross DX80 Gateways

A master communication device used to control and initiate commands to other devices in a wireless network.

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SureCross DX81 FlexPower Supplies

FlexPower supplies provide a reliable solution for remote power and hard-to-access locations.

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