Sensors are widely used for detecting the presence or absences of objects or features.

Detecting Bottle Caps of Various Colors

Determining whether or not a bottle has a cap requires additional sensing controls when the production line runs products with various colored caps than when sensing like-colored caps. The sensing solution must be able to detect many colors at a specified distance, while ignoring the product inside the bottle.

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Board Warp Detection with a QS30

To check lumber for warping

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Bond Wire Break Detection with a Fiber Optic Pair

Detecting wire breakage quickly can prevent unnecessary downtime and errors. In order to accurately detect when a wire breaks, a sensor is needed to monitor the space below the wire.

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Box Insert Detection

In the pharmaceutical industry where medication is boxed, each unit must contain a product information insert.

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Carpet Web Detection

Determining the location of the two edge transitions on carpet web is important in carpet manufacturing: air to selvage and selvage to tufting.

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Hot Glue Detection on a Package

Food packages go through a step by step process on the manufacturing line to ensure they are correctly packaged. It is necessary to verify hot glue has been applied to the flaps of a package, so it can be sealed properly.

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Hot Part Detection in Food Preparation

Temperature regulation is an important aspect of many processes within the factory--especially in food manufacturing facilities. In this case, it's imperative for the waffle iron to be hot before the batter is poured into it or the result will be an inconsistently prepared product.

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Integrated Circuit Lead Frame Detection with a D10

To sense the presence of an IC lead frame

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Integrated Circuit Print Detection with a D12

To detect print on an integrated circuit over a large area

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Juice Carton Detection

To verify the presence of juice cartons

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Lead Frame Detection in a Cassette

Lead frames that are in cassettes can be very tiny and difficult to detect. A sensor is needed that can accurately identify the lead frames.

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Liquid Leak Detection with a QS18

To detect a hazardous liquid leaking from pipes inside a valve box

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Liquid Soap Level Detection

In applications where the liquid level needs to be monitored, a versatile sensor is needed. For car wash application, continuously monitoring the level of liquid soap in a reservoir can prevent customers from an unsatisfactory experience.

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Long-Range Feature Detection

To detect a small flange from a long distance

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Long-Range Position Detection

To instantly measure the location of an automated storage and retrieval shuttle, to track its position

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Medicine Bottle Detection for Filling

To detect bottles, regardless of color, as they pass on a conveyor

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Retrofitting for Pallet Detection

When replacing sensors to detect the presence of pallets on a conveyor, it's important to keep costs down and maintain a high level of accuracy in a pallet detection application.

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Personnel Protection with Fixed Blanking and Reduced Resolution

To protect hands and fingers from the hazardous parts of a carton erector while allowing flat cartons into the machine

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Polybag Seal Detection

Plastic bags are manufactured in a continuous web, with a seal and perforation between bags. Since the plastic is clear, it can be very difficult for traditional sensors to detect the perforations between the plastic bags in order to determine when to separate them.

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Registration Mark Detection

To detect registration marks on food packages

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Splice Detection in a Paper Roll

Identifying splices on a roll of paper quickly and reliably is vital, as it is now common to come across multiple splices on one roll. Splices and other defects need to be detected so they are not included as a part of the final product.

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Stack Height and Adhesive Bead Detection

To verify that adhesive is being applied properly to trays of IC chips and to monitor the stack heights of completed trays of product

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Thread Hole Detection

Shipping products that have not been threaded can cause major inconveniences and additional expenses to companies. In order to prevent these mistakes from happening it is necessary to verify, from a distance, that bolt threads have been cut into holes in a manifold.

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Vehicle Detection at a Loading Dock

Various methods can be used to help alert workers of a delivery truck's arrival. For the most efficient practices, an automatic solution may be necessary. A helpful solution is a sensor that can detect when a truck backs up to a dock and then trigger a light inside the warehouse to signal the truck's arrival.

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Vehicle Detection in a Self-Serve Car Wash

Vehicle detection sensors can be used in a variety of ways in the car wash industry. This type of industry can see a lot of activity throughout the day and a solution is needed to accurately detect a vehicle's presence for the entire duration of the wash and present that information to a timer.

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Vehicle Position in Automatic Car Wash

Detecting vehicles in automated car washes presents many unique challenges, several due to extreme conditions. Ever-present water (sometimes at extremely high pressure), variations in temperature, the presence of sunlight, reflective surfaces, mist and steam, and the constant cycling of machine movement are factors that all must be considered when applying the proper sensor used to position a vehicle correctly.

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Wafer Cassette Detection Under Water

To sense the presence of a wafer cassette on a conveyor submerged in water

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Wafer Center Detection with DF-G2

Detecting a wafer’s position is vital in the semiconductor industry as the wafers are valued up to $100,000 and the machines involved costs millions of dollars. Ensuring correct wafer placement prevents damage to the high-priced wafers and equipment. By detecting the wafer’s center, operators can ensure the wafer is correctly positioned on the robotic arm as the wafer is placed into the chamber.

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