Color Mark and Registration Detection

Detecting registration marks demands sensors that are sensitive and yet can operate at high speeds.

Registration Mark Detection

To detect registration marks on food packages

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Detecting Registration Marks on Labels

During product packaging, labels are printed on a continuous web. The web must be precisely cut to ensure correct placement on containers. This is a high-speed process with frequent changeovers, and misplaced labels will result in costly delays and waste.

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Tube Positioning Using a Registration Mark

With highly automated processes in pharmaceutical industries, improper packaging can lead to disposal of thousands of products or down time. To avoid incorrect packaging or down time, a highly accurate sensor is needed to detect the position of a tube of cream or paste, in order to ensure tubes are oriented correctly before being sealed.

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Toothpaste Registration Mark Verification

Toothpaste packaging is a highly-automated, high-speed process where large toothpaste manufacturers can fill and seal up to 180 tubes a minute. With a high-demand product like toothpaste, it is important that the correct toothpaste product is being filled in the correct tube to prevent packaging errors that could result in disposal of thousands of products. Verification of a toothpaste tube’s registration mark ensures that the correct toothpaste is being filled into the correct tube.

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