Clear Bottle Detection

High-speed applications, such as clear bottle detection, requires reliable position detection. Typically clear bottles are challenging to detect because many sensors will see through the clear object, rather than detect it.


Banner’s Q26 Clear Object Detection sensor is ideal for this type of application because it quickly and reliably detects clear and transparent objects and its coaxial design results in higher positional accuracy, which allows for precise leading edge detection.

With a coaxial optical design, the emitted and reflected light travels along the same axis, which allows for very short sensor and reflector separation distances, ranging from 5 to 800 mm. A quick mechanical installation is possible with the compact housing and 20 mm mounting hole spacing.

Since the Q26’s beam travels in a straight line, the sensor can be shielded with a cover for easy cleaning in washdown environments, and only needs a small opening on the cover to reliably detect clear objects.

The Q26 Clear Object sensor is easy to set up and has a user-friendly single turn sensitivity adjuster potentiometer.

Q26 Series Clear Object Sensor

Sensor solution for clear object detection applications. The Q26 cannot be tricked by mirror-like surfaces and has precise leading edge detection.

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