Clear or Reflective Object Detection

Detecting clear or shiny objects is one of the biggest challenges sensors face. Banner offers several solutions.

Clear Bottle Counting

Detecting and counting clear bottles in pharmaceutical applications has been a difficult sensing challenge. With traditional photoelectric sensors the sensing beam may burn through translucent materials, or the emitted light may reflect off of the bottle, resulting in unreliable counting results.

Ultrasonic sensors can be used to reliably detect clear objects, but ultrasonic solutions may not have a fast enough response time and the ultrasonic beam is usually too wide to detect the gaps between bottles. A solution is needed that will reliably count clear bottles as they pass on a conveyor and is sensitive to the small gaps between targets.

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Clear Bottle Detection

High-speed applications, such as clear bottle detection, requires reliable position detection. Typically clear bottles are challenging to detect because many sensors will see through the clear object, rather than detect it.

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Clear Container Detection

Plastic container detection is challenging because containers are clear and can have ridges, which may attenuate light differently and can be difficult to detect accurately. In order to count these containers as they move down the conveyor, it is important to have a dynamic sensor that can sense clear or transparent items and do so quickly and accurately.

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Clear Material Loop Control

Before packages of bottled water or juice are packaged with the shrink wrapper, the material is monitored to ensure proper feed supply. The machine needs to maintain a certain amount of slack on the shrink wrap material before going through the oven, otherwise the material becomes too thin or wrinkled when packaged.

A reliable sensor that can detect clear materials is needed to measure the loop to ensure there is adequate material feed before going through the oven. The sensor needs to communicate to a controller in order to increase or decrease the speed of the machine pulling the material for overall tension control.

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Counting Reflective Rings

Reflective surfaces are one of the more challenging types of objects to sense with a traditional photoelectric sensor. Cylindrical reflective objects are especially difficult to sense due to the light reflecting differently on the various parts of the curved surface of the object.

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Detecting Reflective Packages on a Conveyor

A food processor requires the presence verification of granola bars wrapped in reflective Mylar on a conveyor belt prior to final packaging/boxing.

Reflective packages are typically difficult for traditional photoelectric sensors to detect. The reflective nature of the packaging inherently interferes with the sensor.

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I.V. Bag Liquid Detection

Detecting clear liquids—like saline solutions and liquid vaccines and mediations—inside clear IV bags, glass vials, and plastic syringes is a common sensing application in pharmaceutical packaging. The lack of contrast between the presence of a clear liquid and its absence makes detection challenging, especially when using a standard photoelectric sensor operating in the visible red wavelength from 620 to 685 nm. Light does not attenuate in water well in this range. A sensor that operates in the mid-infrared range is needed for accurate water-based liquid detection.

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Pharmaceutical Bottle Detection

Clear bottles filled with clear liquid passing on a conveyor need to be counted. This aseptic environment, constructed of stainless steel and undergoing frequent washdowns, makes detection a challenge.

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Polybag Seal Detection

Plastic bags are manufactured in a continuous web, with a seal and perforation between bags. Since the plastic is clear, it can be very difficult for traditional sensors to detect the perforations between the plastic bags in order to determine when to separate them.

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