Counting Syringes with a Slot Sensor

The assembly and packaging of syringes is automated starting with the use of equipment such as feeder bowls and conveyor rails. Once the parts move down the rail, reliable detection is needed in order to sense and count the parts, even as the syringes are apt to swing and vibrate through the sensing field.

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Counting Bolts Leaving a Feeder

To count bolts dispensed from a feeder bowl

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Counting Dropping Parts with an LX Sensor

In the assembly industry there are many small parts that need to be sorted and counted. It can be difficult to detect items as small as 5.6 mm in diameter. A solution is needed that can accurately count various small parts.

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Counting Memory Sticks

To detect the presence of memory sticks used in digital cameras and recorders so they can be counted

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Counting Reflective Rings

Reflective surfaces are one of the more challenging types of objects to sense with a traditional photoelectric sensor. Cylindrical reflective objects are especially difficult to sense due to the light reflecting differently on the various parts of the curved surface of the object.

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Counting Syringes Using Background Suppression

To count syringes by detecting their narrow barrels

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Small Parts Counting

Nuts, bolts, screws or other hardware pieces can be difficult to detect due to small size, but it is vital to count each item during manufacturing to ensure each package has the correct amount. The feeder bowl rapidly supplies the conveyor with hardware pieces during the packaging process.

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Carton Counting

During secondary packaging of food and beverage products, it is important that products are counted before being placed in large boxes to ensure accuracy. A reliable sensor is needed to count cartons and notify the robot after a desired amount of cartons has passed on the conveyor. The robot then knows to load cartons into the box, helping to maintain an efficient manufacturing process.

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