Vehicle Detection

Vehicle detection sensors reliably detect the presence of large metal objects—such as a car, truck or railcar—even when the vehicle is not in motion.

Automated Car Wash Detection

An automated car wash system needs to remain in a low-power consumption standby mode until a vehicle is detected entering the car wash.

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Bank Drive-through Automobile Detection

Bank tellers working the drive-up windows must be aware when a vehicle is present in order to optimize customer service. A reliable detection method that can sense the presence of large moving or stationary objects is required. The sensor must also be able to withstand outdoor environments.

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Drive-Through Vehicle Detection and Business Indication

Restaurant drive-through applications require reliable vehicle detection. Because the sensor must be located outside, wind, rain and outdoor weather conditions have the potential to interfere with the sensor’s vehicle detection ability and physically wear down the sensor. In this application, the sensor must detect vehicles, alert employees to a customer’s presence and count the number of cars passing through.

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Car Wash Status

Indicator lights can be used in a wide variety of applications. In car washes, they are often used to indicate to the customer which stage of an automatic car wash is currently in process. This allows the customers to remain updated on the progress of the wash in real-time.

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Indicating Traffic Levels in Vehicle Queues

Toll booths on high-traffic roads can quickly back up during peak travel times, causing headaches for motorists and toll booth employees. It is helpful for workers to know how long automobiles are waiting in each lane so they can assess traffic levels and identify slow lanes that may require extra attention.

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Object Detection on Trailer

To sense the payload on a flat-bed trailer.

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Parking Kiosk Access and Control

Parking control systems and payment kiosks need to automatically activate when a vehicle approaches the parking lot.

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Monitoring Railcars Wirelessly

In grain stations and ports, railcar axle movers push railway cars so that train engines are not needed.

A railcar wheel monitoring system detects the railcar wheels and triggers an axle pushing arm to activate, pushing the railcar to the next loading or unloading station.

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Train Detection in Tunnels

To reliably detect the presence of trains in tunnels.

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Train Yard Marshalling

As train cars pass from one sensor to another at changeover locations, track controls are activated to handle switching of subsequent cars.

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Vehicle at Loading Dock

For an efficient flow of products in and out of a truck, it is important that operators are immediately notified of a truck’s arrival. In order to accurately detect the presence of vehicles at a loading dock, a reliable sensor is needed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Vehicle Detection at a Loading Dock

Various methods can be used to help alert workers of a delivery truck's arrival. For the most efficient practices, an automatic solution may be necessary. A helpful solution is a sensor that can detect when a truck backs up to a dock and then trigger a light inside the warehouse to signal the truck's arrival.

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Vehicle Detection in a Self-Serve Car Wash

Vehicle detection sensors can be used in a variety of ways in the car wash industry. This type of industry can see a lot of activity throughout the day and a solution is needed to accurately detect a vehicle's presence for the entire duration of the wash and present that information to a timer.

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Vehicle Position in Automatic Car Wash

Detecting vehicles in automated car washes presents many unique challenges, several due to extreme conditions. Ever-present water (sometimes at extremely high pressure), variations in temperature, the presence of sunlight, reflective surfaces, mist and steam, and the constant cycling of machine movement are factors that all must be considered when applying the proper sensor used to position a vehicle correctly.

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