Motor Temperature Monitoring and Control with a Wireless Network

Monitoring motor temperature in a high-friction application helps to calculate performance and to schedule maintenance.


Instead of installing I/O transmission cabling, use a 10 to 30V dc powered SureCross Node and a Banner T-GAGE temperature sensor.

When using host control systems, the SureCross Gateway transmits the temperature to the plant control room using a digital output related to temperature setpoints within the sensor. The motor is powered down or up based on these temperatures.

When using a Gateway Pro as the wireless master device, the data ca be logged and alerts sent out to notify maintenance personnel when a motor is performing outside expected parameters.

T-GAGE M18T Series Temperature Sensors

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SureCross DX80 Nodes with Analog & Discrete I/O (10-30V dc)

Analog and Discrete I/O Node provides sensing capability in a remote area and communicates data back to a Gateway.

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