Industrial Bar Code Reading

Accurately reading and verifying 1D and 2D bar codes is important for quality control.

Pharmaceutical Insert Verification

Pharmaceutical box inserts need to be verified and identified before sealing the package in order to ensure accurate documentation is delivered to the customer.

In order to quickly and efficiently perform this inspection, the data matrix code on the documentation is read and verified prior to the final packaging process.

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Industrial Bar Code Verification of Two Codes

To read 1D and 2D bar codes printed on labels affixed to medicine bottles

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2D Stamped Industrial Bar Code Verification

To track manufacturing lots for quality assurance, using a bar code reader

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Robotic Cell Industrial Bar Code Inspection

When possible, robots in work cells should not be interrupted if at all possible in order to maintain the highest possible throughput. If inspections need to be performed within the work cell, such as verifying bar codes on boxes placed on a conveyor by the robot, it's best to maintain control from outside the cell.

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Pharmaceutical Product ID and Lot Control

To track a batch of a pharmaceutical product

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Industrial Bar Code Verification on a Cell Phone Component

To verify the 2-dimensional bar code on a cell phone component

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Intelligent Mail Industrial Bar Code Reading

As a way to save on postage costs, many mailing and catalog houses use the Intelligent Mail Bar (IMB) code on their mailers to combine separate job runs, or to presort mail.

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Industrial Bar Code Verification on a Metal Part

To check a 2D bar code stamped on a metal gear

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Die Protection in Tire Manufacturing

To protect the dies in tire presses from damage by directing green tires to the correct press

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Industrial Bar Code Verification on Clear Labels

Bar codes printed with clear ink are challenging to detect on labels since there is minimal contrast. It is vital that each label has a bar code to ensure the highest quality product and complete accuracy. Vision sensors are used to enhance contrast on clear labels for accurate detection in industrial bar code verification applications.

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