Safeguarding a Robotic Palletizer

There are several safety functions involved with a robotic palletizer. The status of the safety devices needs to be communicated to operators. Status monitoring allows operators to ensure everything is running smoothly and ensure no safety hazards exist.

A safeguarding solution is needed to control safety light curtains with muting, gate switches and E-stop buttons. The solution also needs to safeguard two conveyors going out, two case infeeds and a forklift entry where empty pallets arrive.


Banner’s SC26-2 is a flexible, easy-to-use safety controller with an intuitive programming environment. The programmable safety controller can manage all of the safety devices with one module. The SC26-2 communicates the status of safety devices via Ethernet IP and controls a tower light for visual indication of safety device statuses.

The base controller allows eight of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal utilization. Software is included with the purchase of the safety controller and is easy to setup and navigate.

With an easy-to-use software platform, users can immediately connect safety devices to the controller. Multiple views on the software allows for simple monitoring with a wiring diagram tab, ladder logic tab and a configuration summary tab.

SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller

With a smaller footprint and addition of Boolean logic functions, the SC26-2 was designed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient.

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