Slip Ring Replacement with Wireless Solutions

Sensors monitor the conditions inside the bowl of a high speed filler such as level, temperature, and pressure. It is common to use slip rings to transmit signal from the internal stationary part of the past the rotary component of the outside of the filler. Slip rings are prone to failure due to the constant friction of the rotation. When a slip ring fails, production on the beverage line comes to a halt and the downtime can be costly. It is best to find an alternate monitoring solution that would eliminate the slip ring and the excessive downtime associated with it.


Slip rings are subject to constant movement which in turn leads to continuous maintenance in order to avoid degradation of the rotating electrical connection caused by normal wear and debris. Slip ring failure can be a very costly occurrence. It stops production and creates unwanted downtime.

The DX80 wireless radios provide a non-contact solution for transmitting the sensor signals from inside the filler bowl to the control panel. The wireless node located on the rotary filler can be battery powered thus providing power to the sensors for a wire-free installation. The DX80 wireless solution eliminates the need for slip rings, helping to decrease downtime and maintenance.

SureCross DX80 Gateways

A master communication device used to control and initiate commands to other devices in a wireless network.

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