Depalletizer Guarding with Muting Pair

The depalletizer stations within beverage filling lines require many large machines and robots, such as sweep bars, during their operation. Due to the hazards associated with such machines, depalletizer areas require a safeguarding system to secure the area and prevent any unnecessary injuries.


The design of our EZ-SCREEN muting light curtains allows for a free flow of pallets while keeping the dangerous area guarded to shut down the machines if any workers were to enter the space. The muting option on the EZ-SCREENs lets a pallet skid be transferred without the need to shut down or reset the machine, which would usually slow down the production line. The muting option is necessary in the beverage industry for certain assembly procedures to run smoothly. It oversees the inputs from sensors to decide when a pallet needs to pass through an access point into a guarded area without stopping the machinery.

There is also a timing function that can be set to a steady speed and creates a continuous flow of pallets. Together these functions help optimize efficiency and speed of the bottling process. Our EZ-SCREENs also include easy installation and setup can be performed without a PC or any additional devices.

EZ-SCREEN­ Safety Light Curtain Systems

Non-contact machine guarding systems protect fingers, hands and ankles, and guard perimeters and access, using self-contained emitters and receivers without a separate control box.

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