Date/Lot Code Presence or Absence Detection

In the beverage industry, date/lot codes are mandatory on all products in order to identify when or where a product was made. As the bottles travel along the filling line, it is necessary to confirm that the date/lot code is physically present on each bottle. The beverage filling industry needs a cost-effective system that can report clear and reliable results to prevent packaging errors.


Banner Engineering’s SLM series slot sensor, along with the iVu TG image sensor with Integrated Display, can be utilized to detect the passing bottles and match an image to the one printed on the bottle. During the labeling process a SLM series slot sensor is used to consistently identify each bottle as it passes by the sensor. At this point, the slot sensor will trigger the iVu vision system to verify that the codes have been printed onto the bottles. The SLM series slot sensor is easy to use and is self-contained and rugged, with a 50-microsecond response time.

The iVu TG image sensor authenticates the date/lot codes by completing a blemish inspection. During set up, an image of the correct date/lot code is captured. When bottles travel down the packaging line the iVu matches the freshly printed image to the original captured image. If there is no match, then the date/code is either missing or flawed. If this happens then the bottle is rejected and removed from the production line.

Some of the advantages of using Banner’s iVu TG image sensor are that no PC is required for use and it is made with very compact and rugged housing, making it ideal for utilization on the factory floor. The iVu can also process data at high speeds which helps maintain the rapid succession of passing bottles.

SLM Series Slot Sensors

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iVu TG Image Sensor

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