Kitting Operation with Gloves

Kitting with operator assist allows assembly line operators to focus on building high quality products, while maintaining efficiency. When operators are picking parts for multiple kits, multicolored indication can help ensure the correct parts are picked at a fast pace.


Banner’s fixed-field K50 indicator detects gloved hands , sensing when operators select the correct parts during the kitting process. The K50 indicator’s logic function is then able to notify the operator that he/she picked correctly by changing from green to yellow—additional colors can be selected to suite to the manufacturer’s preference.

The K50’s ability to detect black gloves is especially important for lean manufacturing processes where workers typically wear dark gloves. A fixed-field indicator provides an ergonomic kitting solution because it does not require the operator to physically push or touch a button.

With high-quality LED lights and multiple colors in one device, Banner's TL30 is an ideal indicator for the kitting process, indicating which bin to pick from and what bin to place the parts. The TL30 helps make the kitting process efficient because operators place parts in a bin that matches the color displayed on the indicator. The TL30 is a robust, low-profile device with 28 mm tubing for quick and easy installation on a part picking line.

K50L Multi-Function EZ-LIGHT

DC-operated indicators with multiple colors and flashing frequencies

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K50FL Multi-Function EZ-LIGHT

Flat pack mounting allows the DC-operated K50FL indicators with solid ON or flashing frequencies to be mounted on any flat surface

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K50 Pick-to-Light EZ-LIGHT

Compact, single-point devices for error-proofing of bin-picking operations. Rated to IP69K depending on installation.

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TL30F Linear Segmented Indicators

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