Wireless Call for Parts Using K50 Indicators

Production operators need a safe, easy way to let forklift drivers know they need additional parts or assistance removing assemblies from work stations. Banners wireless network products combined with K50 indicator lights result in a complete parts delivery system.


Each production operator is equipped with a toggle switch and a Wireless Q45 Sensor with a dry contact input. The gateway is connected to a large lane status display board with multiple K50 EZ-LIGHTs.

When a production operator needs supplies, the operator toggles the switch connected to the Wireless Q45. The corresponding K50 EZ-LIGHT light on the display board lights up, signaling to forklift drivers where they are needed. After the parts are delivered, the operator toggles the switch again, turning the light off.

This solution does not require any new cable installation and is easy to rearrange if the plant layout changes. Because forklift drivers are being called to action more quickly, production increases, and supervisors can see, in real time, the parts status of their production lines.

SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensor - Remote Device Input

The only wireless network developed from the ground up and exclusively for the demands of industrial automation.

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K50L Multi-Function EZ-LIGHT

DC-operated indicators with multiple colors and flashing frequencies

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