Bright Indication in Ambient Light

Many factories have use for indication status in several cabinet or workstation areas to alert operators or managers working on the floor. It is becoming more common to build large windows in factories to allow more ambient light in during the day.

Although the extreme brightness of natural, ambient light in the factory is useful for operators and other workers, the light also hinders the visibility of certain indicators across the floor, which is important to many of the ongoing manufacturing processes. It is essential to have extremely bright, highly-visible indicator lights for areas of high ambient light.


When a window is located directly behind a cabinet, extremely bright, long lasting LED indicator lights can provide highly visible indication throughout the day. Banner’s EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon is perfect for many indication status applications, especially in this cabinet because the beacon is highly visible even during daylight and is extremely durable with long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs.

Light from the EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon is also able to cut through fog or mist, which can be useful in other factory applications. Factory floor settings and parking ramps are also great locations for the EZ-LIGHT K50 beacon because of its high visibility from a distance. Models are available with perimeter and perimeter plus and top views in multiple LED colors.

K50 Beacon Light EZ-LIGHT

K50 Beacon Indicators provide extremely bright lighting for indoor and outdoor indicator functions. They are available in five colors and wide range of voltage levels to fit nearly any application.

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