Plastic Injection Short Shot Detection

Plastic part suppliers in the automotive industry need to verify products have been properly formed during the injection molding process. When “short shots” occur, the mold cavity is not completely filled with thermoplastic material, causing voids on the part’s edges and compromising product integrity.

In this application, a plastic steering column component is being monitored to ensure the flange is present on its inside edge.


A standard P4 Area vision sensor with area light provides a reliable sensing solution to monitor an area or the entire part for missing segments. In this instance, the P4 vision sensor‘s blob tool is used to monitor the flange’s presence and size. If a “short shot” occurs—resulting in either no flange or reduced flange size—the P4 detects the deficiency based on tolerance parameters established in the test tool.

Banner’s rugged PresencePLUS P4 AREA sensor vision solution includes a line of simple, economical function sensors for basic area sensing applications such as short shot detection. Banner’s P4 OMNI is available with either a lens cover or integrated IP68 Ring Light and features a 640 x 480 CCD imager for stable imaging detection. Standard vision tools such as Locate, Geometric Find, Edge, Blob, Average Grayscale, Geometric Count and Measure are included with the P4 OMNI.

PresencePLUS P4 OMNI & OMNI 1.3 Series

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PresencePLUS P4 Series

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Area Lights

An area light provides even illumination in a concentrated area. Well-placed area lights can create shadows and glare, allowing the vision sensor to detect the presence or absence of a feature.

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