EZ-ARRAY with IO-Link


IO-Link allows full configuration of the EZ-ARRAY operating parameters and beam status monitoring. When connected to an IO-Link Master, configuration and measurement data can be communicated to a host controller on the field bus network.

  • Applications include edge and center-guiding, loop tension control, hole sizing, parts counting and on-the-fly product sizing and profiling
  • Closely spaced infrared beams detect objects as small as 5 mm wide; edge resolution is 2.5 mm
  • Controller functionality is built into the receiver, so basic setup requires no controller, software, or PC
  • Configuration options include 14 measurement modes, three scanning methods, two analog and two discrete outputs and a serial output
  • Range is 4 meters
  • Array heights range from 150 to 2400 mm
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Product Specifications

Emitter/Receiver Range400 mm to 4 m (16 in. to 13 ft.)
Field of ViewNominally ±3°
Beam Spacing5 mm (0.2 in)
Light SourceInfrared LED
Minimum Object Detection SizeStraight Scan, Low-Contrast: 5 mm (0.2 in)

Straight Scan, High-Excess-Gain: 10 mm (0.4 in)

See Figure 2-5 for other scan mode values; size is tested

using a rod.
Sensor Positional ResolutionStraight Scan: 5 mm (0.2 in)

Double-Edge Scan: 2.5 mm (0.1 in)

Single-Edge Scan: 2.5 mm (0.1 in)
Supply Voltage (Limit Values)Emitter: 12 to 30V dc

Receiver Models: 18 to 30V dc
Supply Power RequirementsEmitter/Receiver Pair (Exclusive of Discrete Load):

Less than 9 watts

Power-up delay: 2 seconds
Teach Input (Receiver Gray Wire)Low: 0 to 2 volts

High: 6 to 30 volts or open (input impedance 22 K ohms)
Two Discrete OutputsProtected against false pulse on power-up and continuous

overload or short circuit.

Discrete Output 1 (SIO Mode)

Type: Solid-State Push-Pull

Rating: 100 mA maximum (sourcing or sinking)

ON-State Saturation Voltage: less than 3V @ 100 mA

(sourcing or sinking)

Discrete Output 2

Type: Solid-State NPN or PNP (current sinking or


Rating: 100 mA maximum

OFF-State Leakage Current: NPN: less than 200 uA

@ 30V dc; PNP: less than 10 uA @ 30V dc

ON-State Saturation Voltage: NPN: less than 1.6V @

100 mA; PNP: less than 2.0V @ 100 mA
Two Analog OutputsVoltage Sourcing: 0 to 10V (maximum current load of 5 mA)
IO-Link Communication InterfaceBaud Rate: 230, 400 bps

Parity: Even

Stop Bit: 1

Process Data Width: 16 bits
Scan TimeScan times depend on scan mode and sensor length.

Straight scan times range from 2.8 to 26.5 ms. See

Figure 2-8 for all combinations.
System Configuration (Receiver Interface)6-position DIP switch: Used to set scanning type,

measurement modes, analog slope, and discrete output

2 function (see Configuration DIP Switch on page

27 of IO-Link Instruction Manual)

Push Buttons: Two momentary push buttons for alignment

and gain level selection
System Configuration (IO-Link Interface)Supplied IODD files provide all configuration options of

receiver interface, plus additional functionality; see

Overview on page 5 of Instruction Manual and IODD (IO-Link Device Description)

on page 33
Status IndicatorsSee Status Indicators on page 7 of Instruction Manual
ConnectionsCommunication Interface: The receiver uses a cable

splitter that converts the 8-pin connector to a compatible

M12 IO-Link connector; see Cordsets and Connections

on page 17 of Instruction Manual.

Other Sensor connections: 8-conductor quick-disconnect

cables (one each for emitter and receiver), ordered

separately; see Cordsets and Connections on

page 17 for available lengths (may not exceed 75 meters long), PVC-jacketed cables measure 5.8 mm diameter, have shield wire; 22-gauge conductors.
ConstructionAluminum housing with clear-anodized finish

Acrylic lens cover
Environmental RatingIEC IP65
Operating ConditionsTemperature: -40° to +70° C (-40° to +158° F)

Maximum relative humidity: 95% at 50° C (non-condensing)
CertificationsCE; IO-Link


Product Instruction Manual

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. IO-Link Data Reference Guide: EZ-ARRAY Series 205146 Download
2. EZ-ARRAY with IO-Link Instruction Manual 157954 Download

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