• Includes a sensor head and a power block; timing logic module is optional
  • Offers interchangeable ac or dc power blocks
  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse, convergent, and glass or plastic fiber optic sensing modes
  • Available in convergent and fiber optic models with choice of red, blue or green LED for color differentiation applications
  • Features exclusive multiple-LED system that displays received signal strength, sensing contrast and seven different warnings
  • Programs easily in the field for sensing hysteresis, signal strength display scale factor and light/dark operate
  • Offers analog voltage outputs directly proportional to the sensing signal (analog models)


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. OMNI-BEAM E-Series-Sensor Heads, Power Blocks and Logic Modules
(Electromechanical Relay Outputs)
03540 Download
2. OMNI-BEAM Series Sensor Heads, Power Blocks, and Logic Modules
(Solid-State Outputs)
03522 Download
3. OMNI-BEAM Series: DC Power Blocks 03532 Download
4. OMNI-BEAM PHOTOBUS Series-OPBX2 Power Blocks 34940 Download
5. OMNI-BEAM Series: Logic Modules 03533 Download
6. OMNI-BEAM Series: AC Power Blocks 03531 Download
7. OMNI-BEAM Glass Fiber Optic Series: Sensor Heads
(Infrared), Power Blocks and Logic Modules
03546 Download
8. OMNI-BEAM Glass Fiber Optic Series: Sensor Head
(Visible Red), Power Blocks and Logic Modules
03543 Download
9. OMNI-BEAM Clear Object Detection Series: Sensor Heads
34151 Download
10. OMNI-BEAM AC-Coupled Series: Fiber Optic Sensor Heads, Power Blocks and Logic Modules
03553 Download
11. OMNI-BEAM Analog Output Series: Sensor Heads, Power Blocks and Logic Modules
03579 Download
12. Sonic OMNI-BEAM Series 03536 Download

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