BEAM-TRACKER BT-1 Alignment Tool


  • Provides a low-cost, quick and simple way to evaluate photoelectric sensor performance
  • Receives light from all modulated photoelectric emitters and transmits light to receivers to check system operation
  • Locates the center of the beam during installation of long-range opposed-mode photoelectric sensor pairs
  • Locates sources of severe EMI or RFI noise
  • Provides 10 hours of continuous use with a standard 9-volt battery

Product Specifications

Supply Voltage and Current9V battery which provides about 10 hours of continuous use (or, typically hundreds of tests).
IndicatorsExclusive, patented Alignment Indicating Device system (AID) displays the relative strength of the light which it receives from a modulated source. When the receive button is depressed, an LED indicates the presence of a modulated light beam and flashes at a rate which corresponds directly to the beam's intensity. As a result, a suspected weak or failed light source is easily verified.
BeamBEAM-TRACKER emits a 70 kHz modulated infrared beam. Most modulated photoelectric receivers, if functioning properly, will respond to this beam at close range.
ConstructionHoused in a rugged Cycolac T case, which includes an aiming sight and a convenient mounting hole for a strap or cord.
Application NotesIn receive mode, the BEAM-TRACKER will respond to a severe level of electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. The path of the noise source can be traced by observing the flash rate of the BEAM-TRACKER's Alignment indicating Device.
NoteCycolac is a registered trademark of General Electric Co.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. BT-1 Beam-Tracker 03490 Download

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