LED Area Lights


  • Low-cost, compact area lights for PresencePLUS Pro sensor.
  • Solid-state LED matrix; continuous or strobed operation is selectable via sensor software.
  • Direct connection to PresencePLUS Pro or to an external power supply using 3 discrete wires.
  • Two bracket options available.

Product Specifications

Light SourceLED, see Models table above for wave lengths
IlluminationHigh-intensity area light
Supply Voltage and CurrentInfrared: 24V dc @ 150 mA max. All other colors: 24V dc @ 200 mA max.
ConnectionsPVC-jacketed 3-conductor 2 m (6.5') attached cable
Useful Life10,000 hours (LED ON time). When operated within specifications, output will decrease less than 30% after

10,000 hours and less than 50% (less than 40% for red and IR models) after 20,000 hours.
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 0° to +50° C (+32° to 122° F) Relative humidity: 90% at 50°C (non-condensing) max.
Cleaning InstructionsRegularly remove any dust, dirt, or fingerprints from the light source.

1. Blow off dust using anti-static compressed air.

2. If necessary, use a lens cloth and lens cleaner or window cleaner to wipe off remaining debris. Do not use

any other chemicals for cleaning.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. LED..A80X80W Series Area Lights -- Datasheet 115607 Download
2. Area Lights, White, Red, Blue, Green or Infrared, 62 X 62 mm -- Datasheet 121779 Download
3. Area Lights, White, Red, Blue, Green or Infrared, 62 X 62 mm
(P4 Only) -- Datasheet
121780 Download
4. LED..A80X80M Series Area Lights -- Datasheet 116949 Download

Product Brochures

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. Vision Lighting Brochure 137003 Download


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. Area Lights, White, Red, Blue or Infrared, 100 X 100 mm - Japanese J20035Y Download
2. Area Lights, White, Red, Blue or Infrared, 50 X 50 mm - Japanese J20033Y Download
3. Area Light, Infrared, LEDIA80X80W
(PresencePLUS Pro Only) - Japanese
J20031Y Download
4. Area Lights, White, Blue, Red or Infrared, 75 x 75 mm - Japanese J20034Y Download
5. Area Light, Red, LEDRA80X80
(PresencePLUS Only) - Japanese
J20019M Download
6. Area Light, Infrared, LEDIA80X80
(PresencePLUS Only) - Japanese
J20017M Download
7. Area Light, Red, LEDRA80X80W
(PresencPLUS Pro Only) - Japanese
J20036Y Download

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