Low-Angle Ring Lights


Low-angle vision lighting enhances the contrast of surface features. The low-angle light is aimed nearly perpendicular to the imaged surface of the target object, casting shadows that emphasize changes in elevation.

  • Connects directly to PresencePLUS vision sensors or an external power supply
  • Illuminates from an angle nearly perpendicular to object
  • Emphasizes surface irregularities such as dust, dents, scratches and other surface defects
  • Highlights slight height differences such as etching, solder balls and embossing
  • Standard lights: Available in 150 mm light size with 24V dc supply voltage
  • Specialty lights: Available in 100 or 150 mm light sizes with 12 or 24V dc supply voltage
  • Offers choice of models with infrared, or visible red or white lights, and with continuous or strobed operation
  • Provides minimum useful life of 60,000 hours, depending on model

Product Specifications

Supply Voltage and CurrentLED.I150M models:Voltage supplied by PresencePLUS P4 sensors, if operating at 24V dc.
Infrared:24V dc ±10% @ 500 mA max.
Visible red:24V dc ±10% @ 350 mA max.
LED.I150W models:
Infrared:24V dc ±10% @ 500 mA max.
Visible red:24V dc ±10% @ 350 mA max.
LEDRI100N, LEDRI150N, LEDRI150N-3 and LEDWI150N-3:12V dc ±10% with voltage regulation of ±1%
LEDRI100N-S and LEDRI150N-S:24V dc ±10% with voltage regulation of ±1%
IlluminationLow-angle light; continuous diffused, strobed diffused or continuous non-diffused, depending on model
Light Source and WavelengthInfrared:880 nm
Visible red:640 nm
Visible white:6500 K
ConnectionLED.I150M models:2 m pigtail with 3-pin male Pico-style quick-disconnect fitting. QD cable are ordered separately.
LED.I150W models:3-wire 2 m or 9 m PVC attached cable
LED.I100N, LED.I100N-S, LED.I150N, LED.I150N-S and LED.I150N-3 models:1.8 m attached cable terminated with 9-pin D-sub donnector (male pins)
ConstructionLED.I150-3W and LED.I150-3M models:black anodized aluminum housing with 1/4 - 20 threaded mounting holes
LED.I100N, LED.I100N-S, LED.I150N, LED.I150N-S and LED.I150N-3 models:aluminum housing with black epoxy paint
Useful LifeLED.I150-3W and LED.I150M models:When operated within specifications, output will decrease less than 20% after 10,000 hours and less than 30% after 20,000 hours (based on continuous operation).
LEDRI100N, LEDRI100N-S, LEDRI150N, LEDRI150N-3 and LEDRI150N-S models:60,000 hours
LEDWI150N-3:10,000 hours
Note:actual useful life of strobed lights depends on duty cycle
Environmental RatingIEC IP20; NEMA 1
Operating ConditonsTemperature:
LED.I150-3W and LED.I150M models:0° to +50° C
LED.I100N, LED.I100N-S, LED.I150N, LED.I150N-S and LED.I150N-3 models:0° to +40° C
Relative humidity:
LED.I150-3W and LED.I150M models:90% @ 50° C (non-condensing)
LED.I100N, LED.I100N-S, LED.I150N, LED.I150N-S and LED.I150N-3 models:95% @ 40° C (non-condensing)
Cleaning InstructionsLED.I150-3W and LED.I150-3M models:Regularly remove any dust, dirt or fingerprints from the light source. Blow off dust using anti-static compressed air.


Data Sheets

Document Name Part Number File Size Download
1. Low-Angle Ring Lights, Red or Infrared, 3-Tier, 150 mm, 24V dc 127582 Download

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